Sometimes You Want A Quality Steak and Great Service


Today's weather had me looking at flights and swimsuits! How about you?

As quickly as you may feel excited about searching for flights and destinations, that excitement can fade real quick when you're searching popular travel search engines and are simply one in a million trying to get much-needed help and questions answered. Get ready to call the 1-800 number and be on hold for hours -- because guess what, you're just not that important to the Customer Service Rep!

Alas, you have options. You can navigate the process on your own or work with a trusted travel advisor who has access to travel suppliers around the world who are willing and ready to assist you. You won't have to worry about booking your reservations -- that's done for you by the travel advisor. You don't have to book your ground transportation -- that's done for you too. Are you worried about what will happen to you if you get sick on your trip? A travel advisor has got you covered -- we'll recommend and coordinate travel insurance purchases for you. Are you wondering what you'll do once you get to your travel destination? No worries -- a travel advisor will make suggestions and book memorable excursions, events, and concert tickets on your behalf.

So, I ask you, why settle for the $1 burger which will leave you longing for more, when you can lock lips with a juicy steak of your choice (if you eat meat) and have the white linen service to boot!

A good travel advisor is invested in your happiness and creating a memorable experience for you. We deliver personal service and value.

We take the stress out of an otherwise stressful environment so that you can focus on what matters most.

Travel Advisors are constantly provided with information on travel deals and are often certified in destinations -- that level of expertise is invaluable.

People are sometimes reluctant to work with a travel advisor thinking they're going to pay more than when searching a travel search engine independently. That's not true -- a travel agent is bombarded with travel deals daily and can share this information with you.

Building a relationship with your travel advisor is essential; you're not just a number - you're a client. A good travel agent will assess your travel needs and preferences and try hard to accommodate your wishes.

Last, a travel advisor can provide valuable assistance and be the conduit between you and a travel supplier to iron out issues that could arise during your trip.

Sometimes it's okay to get that $1 hamburger -- it's easy and convenient. Other times, you may want to invest in the steak and be treated like the VIP that you are.

Kinyatta E. Gray is a published author, travel advisor, and the CEO of FlightsInStilettos, LLC.


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