FlightsInStilettos Magazine


Welcome to the cover reveal for the "farewell" issue of FlightsInStilettos Magazine!

When I decided to continue with this magazine after the first issue in January 2021, I had no idea how rewarding it would be to function as the Founder and EIC of my magazine! This is definitely something that I can check off my bucket list as completed!

With the reward comes a lot of work too! Therefore, I decided to retire this magazine after completing one year (four complete issues: January, April, June, and November).

However, my last issue is my favorite issue and it just might be the best issue! But, of course, as they say, save the best for last!

Get ready to add this magazine to your collection. Of course, with its visually stunning images and thoughtful content, you'll crave more -- but this is indeed farewell from FlightsInStilettos Magazine!

FlightInStilettos Magazine (November issue) will be available in digital and print on November 1, 2021.

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