Kinyatta E. Gray is the Founder & CEO of FlightsInStilettos®, the Stylish Writing Center, and a bestselling author from the Washington, D.C. area.

FlightsInStilettos® was founded in 2018 by Gray to design the Glam Girl Beach towels -- luxury, microfiber beach towels with captivating illustrations of women (of all shades) at the beach. Kinyatta launched her business and brand after not finding a beach towel on the market that resembled her look and travel style.

Since launching FlightsInStilettos®, the highly sought-after unique beach towels have been spotted worldwide, from Spain and Dubai to Egypt and Thailand. Rising in success, the brand has been featured in various national and international media outlets such as TravelNoire, Hollywood Unlocked, Sheen Magazine, Medium, Authority Magazine, Yahoo News, VoyageLA, VoyageATL, Fashion Bomb Daily,, Hollywood Blade, Rebecca Davi, and Urban Magazine, to name a few. In addition, several celebrities and significant global black travel influencers have also been spotted with their beach towels, such as Martinique “Marty SanDiego,” Lewis, Creator of ABC Travel Greenbook.

In 2022, Kinyatta launched the Stylish Writing Center, a collection of over 20 guided, inclusive journals and diaries for women, teens, and men to honor the legacy of her mother, noted writer and playwright, Beverly E. Carroll.
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