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I used to be extremely disinterested in traveling simply because I had a fear of flying. A few laughs, great experiences and fun trips – later,  I have since changed my way of thinking and have increased my appetite for seeing new landscapes in and outside of my home country.  I was introduced to DreamTrips by my best friend and my mindset was changed regarding the affordability and access to travel for good! I actually became a member of DreamTrips.

Through this blog,  I will share my fantastic travel experiences (with my beloved spouse Julie and family)  and those experiences of close friends and extended family as well as other experiences that may include elements of travel, glamour, stilettos,  a bit of history and a lot of my personal opinions.

If you are interested in learning more about the world’s most exclusive travel and lifestyle club, visit FlightsInStilettos  for more information. Travel should be fun, fulfilling, full of adventure and glamorous!

I am no different from you, I just choose to see myself living my best life instead of standing by watching others!

I also choose to take Flights In Stilettos!




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Vacation with Friends!
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It Takes “Four” To Tango In Turks and Caicos

I’m a lover of turquoise beach water and white sand. I love nothing more than sunbathing on a beach with pristine water, beautiful sunsets and access to endless cocktails. And this is just where Debra, Vanessa, Lance, and Lance’s mom spent 6 days in March. Yes, while you were freezing your buns off and waiting for Metro, these four individuals were luxuriating in paradise.

They traveled to Turks and Caicos during peak season and enjoyed every moment of it. Debra, my friend, travels at least 3-4 times per year because she’s very generous to herself. Before she departs one destination, her mind begins to think about the very next destination. I’m sure that we all do that when the thought of not sleeping in until 9 am or not waking up to the sound of beach waves begins to set it.

Debra’s travel style is highly contingent upon what the weather’s like at her travel destination. But she tends to go for a more casual look and can flex to a more diva style when it’s necessary to become a “diva”.

The beautiful turquoise waters were the #1 factor for this group choosing this destination. While there, they fell in love with the extensive accessible beaches and the great weather.

What I’m going to write about next is my absolute favorite….while in Turks and Caicos, Debra and her traveling companions experienced eating “all you can eat” lobster at Pelican’s Bay. We’re not talking about Red Lobster, lobster tails, we’re talking about large lobsters straight out of the ocean prepared any way you want it — grilled, sautéed, or with a light tempura batter. The option of dipping this delicacy in hot dripping butter or a number of specialty sauces were offered so that they could achieve the flavors of their desire. Debra and her companions tried hard to eat all that they could, but unfortunately, they could only consume three of these enormous lobsters. According to Debra, it was the best $75.00 ever spent! I am a HUGE lobster lover, so without a doubt, I am more motivated than ever to travel to this destination to experience all you can eat lobster!

Finally, after snorkeling, lounging, partying, jet skiing and eating “all you can eat” lobster, Debra, and her travel companions visited the Chalk Sound Preserve and Middle Caicos. She recommends this attraction to anyone visiting this extraordinary Caribbean island.

Until next time Turks & Caicos.

If you’d like to be featured on my blog to help others learn about possible travel destinations when planning their vacations, please send me an email at


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FlightsInStilettos Is Open For Business!

It all started after I completed a DreamTrip with my friend Donna and her husband Paul. I loved the experience so much that I joined the travel club. During the registration process, I had to select a name for my personal travel site, and I immediately came up with “FlightsInStilettos.” Mainly because:
1) I choose to only wear stilettos to the airport,
2) For a 4-day trip, I packed an entire suitcase full of only stilettos. (And as you probably know, the suitcase with the shoes was more important to me than the one with the clothes) so that’s the bag that I selected as my “carry-on” plus, I needed at least two stiletto options per outfit, and
3) Everyone knows I have an obsession with stilettos. You can ask my family members, I will wear stilettos to cookouts, dog-walking, grocery shopping and even to the mailbox.
So for all of these reasons, FlightsInStilettos just made sense! LOL
Donna, (for some reason) was curious about what I named my personal travel site, and I told her FlightsInStilettos! And she LOVED it! And then I LOVED it. And the more I said it, the more it had a “ring”  to it and the rest is history! I am not a designer, I’m just a natural-born glamour girl who loves all things, pink, blingy, luxurious and of course fancy designer stilettos! This site and these novelty items are an extension of my personality! I love every single one of the FIS items! I hope that you will too!  Special thanks to Koress Tapscott for designing my FIS “original” logo and my new FIS “love” logo which represents pride and diversity! And to my darling Julie for believing in me.   Don’t forget to click on the “SHOP” page!



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I Found “Joy” In Spain…

Spain has always been one of those countries that I have been curious about but wanted to know how the experience was by someone I personally knew. And that’s when I found “Joy” in Spain.

My childhood friend Joy and her friend Dr. Greene traveled to the magnificent and scenic Seville, Spain. If you’re going to travel why not travel and be as fabulous as Joy and Dr. Greene and travel to Spain? Life Goals!!!

Joy is not a novice traveler and commits to traveling internationally once a year with a mixture of domestic trips throughout the year. And I love this approach because there are truly some amazing treasures and sites to see right here in the USA.

Naturally, Joy gives off  “diva” vibes, so it was no surprise to me that she can adjust her travel style based on the location. In Spain, they did a lot walking on cobblestone and it was rather cold during their time of travel, so in true fabulous fashion Joy and Dr. Greene made mad dashes to Zara and Stradivarius to buy boots and sweaters. Ok, and no one brought me back a sweater from Spain?? Luckily though, it wasn’t all boots and sweaters, as they were able to flex their “diva” style in the evening for dinner and drinks.

So, if you’re thinking about traveling to Seville, Spain, make sure that you have a friend like Dr. Greene, to invite you – because Joy was invited due to a speaking engagement that Dr. Greene was invited to at a local university in Spain. Say it with me, IMPRESSIVE!

I asked Joy what she fell in love with in Spain, and this is what she said “It would absolutely be the architecture. Seville is the perfect example of a mixture of the old historical architect with modern restaurants and businesses. The Cathédrale De Séville was one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen. It is full of history as well, it’s where they would sell slaves right from Africa and where Christopher Columbus is buried. There was a huge mix of emotions that I felt being both African-American and Native American. It was like I was able to see a piece of my own history.

Now to my favorite part of world travel – the food. During our interview, Joy shared with me that she loved the Pork Paella. She also loved a cafe called Moor Castle which was situated in a courtyard with a fountain. Can you picture that? It was something like out of your favorite movie. And to top it off, they enjoyed glasses of wine with dinner while being serenaded by local singers. I’m looking at flights to Seville right now…

If you’re like me and interested in traveling to Seville, Spain, Joy recommends taking the carriage ride through downtown because it’s an amazing way to see Seville in all its splendor.

Until next time Seville, Spain…





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FlightsInStilettos Is In Love!

I am more than ecstatic about this second iteration of my FlightsInStilettos logo! Introducing “FIS Love”.  This logo represents diversity,  inclusion and PRIDE – very important factors in my life and with whom I chose to share it with.

As the momentum continues to build for our signature logo (FIS Original), our  “FIS Love”  logo has been completed.  Novelty products will be coming soon!! Stay tuned!!

I can’t wait!

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Andrea Started Her 30s in Jamaica and Loved It!

I have always wanted to visit Jamaica, especially with my friends for the proverbial “girls trip”.  So, I was intrigued when I learned about Andrea (in her early 30s) had opted to take a solo trip to a not so far destination on my bucket list.

She made all of the necessary plans to travel to Montego Bay, Jamaica at the end of January.  How fabulous is that – traveling to a tropical island in the middle of the winter?

Andrea is very in tune with the fact that everyone needs to recharge and refresh and therefore she commits to traveling and least once per year.

Her travel style varies. She enjoys looking “fly” but cute and comfortable — usually bringing at least two dressy outfits for those special occasions.

Andrea is a huge fan of interacting with the locals while traveling and she finds that in doing so she received a complete education about the history of the travel destination.

I asked Andrea why she selected Jamaica and this is what she said: “I have never visited Jamaica but always wanted to. I grew up listening to Bob Marley and I was always curious about the Rastas. I love the culture and the food. It’s never below 70 degrees in Jamaica. The beaches are beautiful. I thought this trip would be the perfect 30th birthday present to myself.”

She fell in love with many things about Jamaica, especially the beach and the mountains. Her time spent on the beach reading and soaking up the sun was a relaxing experience.

One of my personal favorite things about traveling somewhere new is experiencing the local cuisine. On Andrea’s trip, she enjoyed the Ackee and saltfish with a kale salad. Doesn’t that sound delicious?

If Andrea’s experience is making you think of considering Jamaica for your next trip, she recommends that you travel to historical sites.  At the top of this list is the Rose Hall Great House (a 200-year-old mansion that is believed to be haunted by the lady of the house who killed off each of her husbands and slave lovers).  Okay, I’m  seriously visiting this tourist  attraction!

Andrea’s solo journey marked a milestone occasion in her life, and she celebrated in a way that she felt would allow her to transition to this next phase of her life with a peace of mind, in thoughtful reflection while making ambitious plans for her future. Until next time Jamaica…





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“Bonus” Bestie, Diamond and I Take On Downtown Silver Spring in FlightsInStilettos!

Diamond (my daughter) and I had blast in downtown Silver Spring, MD. I couldn’t be more thrilled with her love and support of FlightsInStilettos! We seized the moment and great weather to take a few pictures in the new FlightsInStilettos fitted T-shirts that will be available for purchase.

I thought that it would be super authentic to go out on this beautiful day, rocking my own gear and take realistic pictures to share with friends and family who may be interested in purchasing soon. Also featured in these pictures are my super hot and ultra-feminine FIS “I Bring The Sunshine” Umbrellas (clear) and Diamond is also modeling our FIS “Queen” tote (black & white) also which we will also be selling soon.

In case you’re wondering, my biggest fan of all, Julie, graciously and patiently took our pictures.

We had such a great afternoon, ending it with a great lunch and cocktails. The best part of the day was the quality time shared by all. Best 2 -hours of my weekend!

If you don’t already follow my blog, click the little “follow” button so that you’re the first to know about my new posts! I will be posting some fantastic glam travel stories this week from some amazing women who have traveled to Spain, Cuba, and Jamaica! Delicious & Glamorous!!

Shoes: Jessica Simpson and Sophia Webster

Handbag: Pink Vintage Chanel Tote

Tote: FIS “Queen” Tote

Photo Credit: Julie M.

FIS T-Shirts Features in Sz Small & Medium
We’re wearing the FIS fitted T-shirts in Small & Medium
We’re wearing the FIS fitted T-shirts and the FIS “I Bring The Sunshine” Umbrellas (clear) and Dime is rocking the FIS “Queen” tote (black & white)
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Traveling in Honor – MSgt Shaunita Bolden’s Historic Military Accomplishments



Our fathers are brothers and we could not have grown up more different. We rarely saw each other, but when we did, there was a deep connection, because we knew that the blood running through our veins was the same.  Always a ball of joy, and ready to record all of life’s moments via her iPhone,  Shaunita has always been that cousin I loved, but really didn’t know that well. I just loved that she was my cousin. During my grandmother’s recent transition and receiving her heavenly wings, Shaunita and I spoke and texted each other to keep each strong during such a trying time. I got to know her a little bit more, and she, me. Shaunita’s daughter is trained to produce music, my son loves to make music as a hobby. Isn’t that ironic?

What started out as a text message to 14 of our family members to share the news of her winning an award, more specifically she was selected 2017 SNCO (Senior Non-commissioned Officer) of the Year for AFRC A1K.  I was intrigued by this information and decided that I wanted to learn more so that I could write about it. I had a feeling that this was something big.  After exchanging a few more text messages, Shaunita and I decided that we’d talk on the phone so that she could shed more light on her unique military accomplishments.

After 19 years in the Airforce, she really had not shared many of her career highlights with her extended family in the DC area, including me. Knowing this and knowing there are untold stories, I was on the edge of my seat wondering what kind of stories she kept to herself. Was there going to be a movie made 10 years from now about Shaunita? What has she experienced and why in the world would she think that no one would care about her accomplishments?

She’s humble. She didn’t want the spotlight, so she kept the stories and accomplishments to herself, well only sharing them with her immediate family. She didn’t think that she was “prominent”  enough in the family or that anyone would care. When in reality, her career and accomplishments make her one of the most accomplished family members of our generation. It’s time for her to share some of her extraordinary stories as the rest is still being written.

During our conversation, I learned that my cousin, MSgt Bolden, while stationed in Colorado Springs in 2008, would be a part of US Military History as one of the original “Plank Holders” during the re-activation of a former Bomber unit now performing Space duties.

On March 15, 1942, the 380th BS (Bomber Squadron) was founded by a cadre of the Doolittle Raiders who first flew in Africa. Flying the B-25 Mitchell,  the squadron fought from North Africa to Southern Europe.

For her great contributions to the standing-up and re-activation of the 380th SPCS (Space Control Squadron), Shaunita was unanimously selected to take a flight on the world’s only airworthy B-25H Mitchell named “Barbie III” around the city and over the U.S. Air Force Academy.

While this is a great story in its self, the biggest part of this African-American woman’s Military History has yet to be told. With a few more years left to serve, we will save the best part of this story for last. “Stay Tuned”

MSgt Shaunita Bolden awarded the 2017 SNCO for AFRC A1K


MSgt Shaunita Bolden and crew flew in the Barbie III. She is the first African-American woman to fly in the Barbie III.
MSgt Shaunita Bolden pictured with Retired Col William “Bill” Bower, the last Commander of the Doolittle Raider over China in 1942.
MSgt Shaunita Bolden and her entire Unit.
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I Decided Not To Wear African Attire To See The Movie Black Panther And Here’s Why…

For weeks I planned to wear a grand African ensemble to see the movie, Black Panther. The hype was in the air, and black pride was on level 10.

After reading many different social media posts and gaining different perspectives from people from different walks of life making excellent points about the uptick in interest in African clothes, but not so much in African education and culture (to include clothing and tradition), I thought the better of it and decided to do something more meaningful and impactful (to me).

I fully support and understand anyone who elected to show up at the movie theaters in African attire. In fact, I completely and excitedly looked forward to it. People showing up to the theater in African attire at the theater Julie and I patronized was underwhelming. I was quite surprised.

In any event, after thinking about the posts and commentary I read, I decided that I would support a local African owned boutique in my area that sells both African and non-African stylish clothing. I purchased an outfit that I would wear long after the Black Panther movie. Not only that, I purchased this particular outfit because I was inspired by my very fashionable stylist Chi Chi of Chicamastyle. Trust me, you’ve seen her modeling stylish fashions all over Instagram. I’ve accomplished a few things by making these decisions.  I have:
– Not unintentionally offended an entire culture by wearing fabrics, clothes, and patterns of which I do not have a clear meaning or understanding of their significance to the African culture (I hope to educate myself more in this area)
– I’ve supported a small business owned by an African in the United States
– I’m wearing an outfit modeled by an African model (who inspires me) who has mad style and models for many American-based boutiques and businesses
– I’ve contributed to the American economy in a small way, but still – I did.

This was my epiphany and my choice, and I was quite content with my actions thereafter. Again, much love to those who put a significant amount of effort to dressing in African attire to see the movie, Black Panther.

The movie was absolutely amazing! There were many messages taken away that I will ponder on for weeks to come. What was most astonishing to me was to see black women portrayed as fierce, educated, trusting, loyal and strong warriors – which in fact, in reality, we are. The movie just affirmed for the masses what we already live and know. I can’t wait to purchase the movie and add it to my collection of all time favorites. If you haven’t seen the movie it’s a must-see – a classic, a keeper, and a true Oscar contender.








Diva Abby
Featured on boutique owner Diva Abby’s Instragam!
Featured on shoe designer Jessica Rich’s Instagram!
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Sisters, Kiana & Danielle Took Paris By Storm In Style and Stilettos

When Kiana texted me and told me that she was going to Paris with her sister Danielle, I was excited and nervous at the same time. They were taking their trip shortly after an attack occurred in Paris. While cautious, these sisters stayed the course and didn’t let fear keep them from completing an opportunity that most people simply dream of doing. These sisters also have God in their lives, so we all know, what that means — they were in the best hands possible.

Imagine the joy and jubilation these sisters shared while preparing for their trip and counting down the weeks, days and hours before their planned arrival in Paris. Oh what fun it must have been deciding on what to wear, what shoes to wear, what bags to carry, and how much makeup to bring. And then I can only imagine how exciting it must have been to plan the travel itinerary being sure to hit all of the major landmarks, but also including some downtime for just taking in the quiet beauty of this breathtaking city.

Kiana and Danielle are special to me. Their sisterly bond is unbreakable. When observing their career choices and the people with whom they associate, their standards are high and they are movers and shakers, role models and business-minded women. Having spent time in both the fashion and beauty industry it was only fitting that this destination would make their bucket list. And Kiana and Danielle did not disappoint while in Paris! They had their casual days and then they had their days when they were dressing for the fashion Gods!

Yes, these ladies take flights in stilettos!

After a whirlwind romance with fashion and culture in Paris, it was time to return stateside. They may have left Paris, but Paris and will forever be in their hearts.





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When The Holley Family Takes a Cruise, They Take Over The Ship!

My daughter had her heart set on going on the annual Holley family cruise. So much so, that she had committed to paying for the trip and had begun making payments to the family trip coordinator, Aunt Charlette. I had heard about the family cruises and had been invited on a few, but the travel dates were never good for me.

I was elated to learn that my daughter had finally been able to accomplish something she’d wanted to do for a very long time. Now, just so you know, this was a weeklong trip to Haiti, Jamaica, and Mexico. My daughter had never traveled so far for so long without me, so I was terribly concerned about who would be the “stand in mom” during the trip. All of my aunts and uncles assured me that she was going to be in good hands.

The Holley family cruises are an annual event that most of the family looks forward to. It is a long-standing family tradition. This family spares no expense taking their children, grand children, nieces and nephews on this annual cruise to expose them to the world of travel. Seeing the Holley family on a cruise is a sight to see, because they don’t just show up – they TAKE OVER the ship.

It takes months of painstakingly difficult coordination and travel planning. Can you imagine planning a trip for 50 or more family members and most of them are children? This is a logistical challenge that my Aunt Charlette enjoys doing every year. She has this large-scale family travel-planning thing down to a science.

My daughter returned from her weeklong vacation telling me stories for days about her adventures. What I loved most is the memories that were built and the bonds that were created with our family members, whom prior to the trip she really had not spent very much time with. She got to know them better and they her. And ever since, they have all remained incredibly close. And that “stand in” mom, I was hoping for, oh, yeah, she found one – my aunt Trina. She played the role so well that my daughter was invited to be their “stand-in” daughter in their family picture! You see, aunt Trina has three sons, so for once, she could take a picture with a stand-in daughter and for that moment she had her family of six!

My daughter can’t wait for the next Holley family cruises. And neither can I.