Guided Expression Journal of Life


Gift your loved ones with your words of love, life, and your legacy.

While I'm Still Here is a guided journal with writing prompts to unlock your fondest thoughts, memories, and daily reflections to leave with your family in the event of your death. This journal is designed to help you release undiscovered and closely guarded details about your life that you are prepared to reveal. This journal is also intended to provide comforting answers and assurance to your grieving loved ones, who will savor every single word on each page after you transition.

This journal provides:

• Space for the photo image you want to be remembered by

• Space for your fondest memories of your spouse, children, and immediate family members

• Space for your fondest memories of your education, career, most significant accomplishments, fears, spirituality, virtues you lived by, and more

• Space for listing your incomplete bucket list

• Space for sharing how you want to be remembered/your legacy, and

• Space for daily reflections to track your emotions, thoughts, feelings, and activities.

This journal will feed your loved ones with bits of loving and soothing information (written by you) that they can refer to during their time of grief and beyond.

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