The Ultimate Break Up Diary for Venting


The Ultimate Breakup Diary for Venting, Reflection & Spirit Renewal

Yes, breakups hurt, and they are an inevitable part of human connections. This diary is about you loving yourself despite the broken relationship, and despite the messages and thoughts replaying in your mind about how you have failed, and that you're unworthy, that you'll never love again, and that you've lost the best thing you ever had. Those are all lies. This journal will give you the inspiration, motivation, and determination to "do you" and to put yourself first and move forward.

Breathe. It will be ok.

The Ultimate Breakup Diary offers:

  • 2o Ways to Make Yourself a Priority Again
  • 7-Days of Self-Love Quotes to Repeat Daily
  • Pages for Venting Your Deepest Frustrations about Your Ex
  • Writing Prompts for Daily Reflections and Spirit Renewal and Monitoring Your Progress Towards Healing

Getting over a breakup isn’t easy, but you have everything it takes already within you to emerge wiser, more confident and complete.  


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