The Ultimate Expression Diary For Self-Reflections


Teenage years are the most trying, fun, and confusing all at one once! You're constantly changing friends, your sense of style, classes, tastes in music and activities, and even your feelings towards yourself! The great news is, you'll make it through your teen years just fine, and the good news is, you're not alone. 

My Crazy Teenage Life is your sacred diary to jot down your thoughts about yourself, school, friends, family, and your future.

My Crazy Teenage Life offers:

  • a self-love checklist
  •  7-days of self-love quotes
  • space for 25 things that make you smile
  • space for describing who you are 
  • space for your thoughts about friends, family, college, future career, entrepreneurship, and 
  • space for daily self-reflections to monitor your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

You'll even have space to write whatever you want to, whenever you want to, and as much as you wish. When this diary becomes full, simply get another one, and save them all - because as each year passes by, you'll be able to take a look at your diaries and see how much progress you have made as you advance through your crazy teenage years!


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