90-Day Self-Reflections Journal & Gratitude Journal for Men


If you think showing gratitude isn't essential, I've got news for you; it IS

The one practice most successful entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes, spiritualists, and academic professionals have in common is the habit of gratitude. 

Abundance follows when you express gratefulness for what you already have. Successful people know this. Gratitude is not just an action; it is a positive emotion and a powerful energy force that enhances the quality of your life while profoundly impacting the lives of others around you. 

Challenge yourself to dedicate time in the morning expressing gratitude for the air in your lungs, stretch your limbs as far as they will go,  take a deep breath and smell the fresh air, and observe the clouds, sun or rain. Then, sit in silence and be present and aware of the beauty around you.

Practicing gratitude helps you to recognize and appreciate the goodness and kindness in your surroundings. 

I AM A MAN. I HAVE FEELINGS. is a guided 90-Day Self-Reflections and Gratitude Journal for men that offers:

  • space for 90-days of guided self-reflection
  • space for thoughts about family, career, entrepreneurship, and your spouse/significant other 
  • space for describing yourself in 30 words
  • space for thoughts about your legacy
  • a gratitude checklist 
  • 7-days of gratitude

Whether you're ready to make practicing gratitude part of your life or gifting this journal to someone else, you are taking a significant step toward improving the quality of your life and your emotional well-being.


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