FlightsInStilettos Glam Girl Beach Towel In Jamaica


So, this happened! Autumn Joi LIve was spotted in Jamaica with her FlightsInStilettos Glam Girl Beach Towel!

I was so excited to deliver this beach towel to her before her trip, personally!

Having listened to her for months on WHUR and after observing her super fabulous beach pics -- I knew if she saw this beach towel, she'd love it!

And look at how Autumn ironically has on a swimsuit the same color as the swimsuit on the beach towel! That's why I love my beach towels -- because representation matters!

Thank you so much, Autumn Joi, for your love and support! You are the real deal on the scene in the DMV, supporting the community & local small businesses.

For more information about FlightsInStilettos visit:

Autumn Joi was photographed with the FlightsInStilettos Sassy Microfiber Beach Towel.

Kinyatta E. Gray is the CEO of FlightsInStilettos, LLC and is the the Chief Beach Towel Designer at FlightsInStilettos.

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