Atlantis Cove is a Tried and True Favorite

If there is one destination that we would return to over and over again, it is Atlantis Cove in the Bahamas. Hands down, it is a swanky, sexy resort less than 6 hours away from Washington, DC! Obviously, getting to the Bahamas is a breeze. The locals are super friendly and I have found them to be warm and accepting of a diverse clientele. Atlantis Cove is for the discriminating guest with lots of extra cash on hand! It is a modern, high end resort with top notch customer service.  While there, lounging poolside, we saw Nicole Murphy, Eddie Murphy's wife. So, this just let's you know that this location is akin to the playground for the rich on the East Coast. The sea green water and the white sandy beaches are a huge draw. But if you're not feeling the beach, there are a number of pools at the Cove where you can order food and drink until your heart is content.  We didn't really venture out off of the resort to explore the night life, that's not our thing, but I would hope that it is both safe and fun. The accommodations were equally amazing! With a luxurious jacuzzi and beach and poolside views from almost every room, every wish was indulged. There's a great selection of restaurants and shops within the resort and not to mention a few high end shops in the local shopping district. I love Atlantis Cove for so many reasons and I can't wait to return! This is my tried and true favorite (not so far away) vacation spot.

Atlantis Cove Bahamas

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