We Loved Our Trip to the British West Indies Island

Hands down, our trip to Turks & Caicos was the best (not that far away) island vacation ever. We admit to being "beach snobs"! I must see turquoise beach water and light sand in order to feel like I have truly retreated to an exotic location that appeals to all of my senses. Turks & Caicos did NOT disappoint.

Of course we traveled 1st class and booked world-class accommodations and stayed at the exclusive Grace Bay Resort. Grace Bay is one of the more affluent parts of the island. Rumor has it that a few weeks before our arrival, Tina Knowles (Beyoncé's mom) stayed on the resort and lived it up in a lap of luxury as you might well imagine.

Upon our arrival at the resort by (private car) we received cooling towels and a choice of rum punch or fruit infused water. And don't think for one minute that we stood in long "check-in" lines....not at all. We were seated in plush chairs, and the hotel staff walked back and forth to us with minimal paper work and other light administrative details.

While on the resort, we were assigned our own caretaker. He escorted us to our suite,  gave us a tour of the resort, made sure we had everything (before we knew ) we needed it and gave us a cellphone to call him on to ensure that he was at our beck and call.

To give you an example of the kind of attention we received, he booked as an excursion, and he knew approximately when we would be back. Two minutes after we arrived back at the resort, the doorbell rang and he had cool champagne and chocolate covered strawberries for us. Another example of being spoiled is when Julie wanted Lay's potato chips -- which were not available as a snack. Our caretaker walked to the nearest store (off the resort) and purchased us the Lay's. Trust me, he went above and beyond during our stay -- and for that we thanked him well.

We will return if for no other reason than to be treated with the attention, care and respect we received. I must also state that the locals, to include the staff , were the friendliest people I have every encountered on any Caribbean island. I found the locals to be very liberal  -- we did not experience (not even a hint of bias) or discrimination as a same-sex couple. If anything we were treated like rock stars!

The food, ambiance, the beach, the excursions and the resort and pool were all top-notch. By the way, there are no fast food restaurants on the island! We loved that! So, leave your cravings for fast food behind for freshly prepared meals and fine dining!

It's not a matter of if we will return, it's strictly about when. Do yourself a favor and visit Turks & Caicos - you will love it there!

Until next time Turks & Caicos.




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