Kinyatta E. Gray at DC Sweet Potato Cake's Entrepreneur



Kinyatta E. Gray at DC Sweet Potato Cake's Entrepreneur Brunch in Washington, DC .  

On Saturday, Kinyatta, Flights In Stilettos founder, had the pleasure of attending the 1st Entrepreneur Brunch hosted by April, owner of the award-winning DC Sweet Potato Cake in downtown Washington, DC! So if you love sweet potato cakes and pies, this is the spot for you!   April opened her doors to over 30 black women entrepreneurs for networking, fellowship, friendship, and collaboration.   

Of course, Kinyatta brought a few beach towels so the brunch-goers could see and touch them for themselves! If Kinyatta had brought beach towels to sell, she would have sold out! However, the women loved the beach towels. The biggest compliments were the creative illustrations, how soft the towels are, how vibrant the colors are in the towels, and how large the beach towels are.   

This was an excellent opportunity to socialize the beach towels with women across the DC area!  

However, what Kinyatta loved most was that April, founder of DC Sweet Potato Cake, purchased her own Goddess Beach Towel!   

If Flights In Stilettos isn't for you, can you forward this email to someone who may enjoy our beach towels? Small steps like that help small businesses like ours!

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