The Queen's Manifestation Journal


Have you ever wondered how some people seem to get everything they want in life? What is their secret? I've got news for you! It's no secret at all. It's an awareness of the Laws of Attraction, specifically using visualization to harness the power of your subconscious mind. Have you ever heard of a Vision Board? If so, that's great, and if you have used one, you already possess an awareness of and have tapped into a powerful visualization tool.

This simple manifestation journal is ideal for people new to Laws of Attraction, Visualization, and Manifestation.

What are you hoping to manifest in your life? A new career? A new romantic interest? Financial security? New friends? A dream vacation? Visualizing helps you achieve your goals by conditioning your brain to see, hear, and feel the success in your mind.  How powerful is that? How powerful are you?

The Queen's Manifestation Journal offers:

  • The Queen's Gratitude Checklist
  • 7-Day Daily Affirmations
  • Vision Boards for Love, Family, Career & Travel
  • 10-Night Dream Tracker, and
  • Daily manifestation writing prompts to help you manifest the life you want.

True breakthroughs in life happen when you realize that everything you need is already inside you. Go, and unlock they key!

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