Budget & Shop


Gain control over your budget, or being BROKE will control you!   

This simple budget and expense tracker is designed for teens and young adults to acclimate them to the world of financial responsibility. 

We all dream of striking an adequately balanced budget that will enable us to indulge in all of life’s pleasures like shopping, dining, and travel. 

However, it’s also true that people budget to gain control over their money so that the lack thereof will not limit the rest of their life!

Budget planning takes dedication, consistency, and patience. However, once you adopt the practice of budgeting, you will eventually start to feel in control of your finances, organized, and able to foresee and advert financial mishaps. 

Budget & Shop offers:

  • 5 Key Benefits of Creating a Personal Budget
  • Personal Budget Checklist
  • Space to create your Financial Vision Board
  • Space for six-month “Financial Fast”
  • Space for 60-months of Expense Tracking, and 
  • 7-Days of Abundance Affirmations 

This simple expense tracker makes budgeting practical, fun, and fashionable! When you’ve created the proper budget, you might find that you have the extra funds to shop!


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