Remembering Mom: A Grief Journal for Reflections and In Remembrance


Losing your mother shakes the very core of your foundation and existence. Part of life includes the painful reality that, at some point, we will lose our parents. Even though we know this to be true, nothing about life prepares us for the loss, the void, and the unspeakable heartbreak. 

Grief hurts and is complicated. Grief shows up daily in unexpected ways and profoundly impacts your life. 

It's okay to miss your mom and to take it minute by minute. There is no timetable for grief. So, give yourself the grace to feel and experience the emotions associated with losing your mom.

This journal provides space for you to write about positive memories. Taking time to write down positive memories, thoughts, and reflections will help you redirect your sad feelings and help you recall the joy and love you shared with your mom.   

Fill each page in your own words whenever you want to. For example, you may want to jot down one word or fill five pages at a time with your fondest memories. 

Remembering Mom also provides 25 Ways to keep your mother's memory alive after she has transitioned. 

Remembering Mom is a beautiful matte journal with 150 blank lined pages, its pink cherry blossom design is peaceful and serene, making this the ideal journal to gift to someone you love or yourself. 

Make peace with your grief one day at a time by journaling positive memories and by honoring your mother's legacy.


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