Capturing Lessons


Welcome to Chapter 50!

You have officially arrived at the age of 50 in grace, class, sophistication, and style!

You've mastered your stride in terms of your finances, career, and family, and you know who you are and how to get what you want in life. You possess wisdom, experience, confidence, grace, and sophistication. You've embraced this new chapter and have never felt better as a woman. You noticed the physical, emotional, and spiritual changes that come with being 50, and you embrace every single one of them. You seek and enjoy the finer things in life and enjoyment and fulfillment in different ways. You've refined your bucket list and plan to see the world on your terms. You're selective with your time and the company you keep; as you know, life is too short, and every moment counts.

Whether you love the saying "Fifty-Fierce" or "Fifty & Fabulous," you are here!

Chapter 50 is an elegant journal designed for those who have turned 50 or are already navigating life in their 50s.

Fill its blank-lined pages with your thoughts, feelings, emotions, what inspires you, your physical changes, health changes, significant people, memorable moments, what you're grateful for, goals, what you plan to accomplish in your 50s, what you want your legacy to be, and the lessons learned as you travel through this powerful chapter in life.

Take time to review what you've written from time to time. You'll be surprised at the obstacles you faced and overcame, your wisdom, how you've influenced others, how you've mentored others, how much you're appreciated and valued, your achievements, and your personal growth & success.           

Whether you gift this journal to someone else or purchase it for yourself, this purchase will undoubtedly become your favorite.

With its feminine design, matte cover, and blank inside pages, we know that you will enjoy and savor every moment of your "Chapter 50" as you leave your fondest memories on the pages of this charming journal.


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