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Revel in FIS's Fabulous Microfiber Luxury Beach Towels and look your best while enjoying a fun day at the beach! Utilizing ultra-soft microfiber technology, this towel is plush and luxurious - the perfect way of ensuring maximum comfort and style while lounging in the sun. Look and feel fantastic this summer with FIS's Fabulous Microfiber Luxury Beach Towel!

  • the text on the white microfiber luxury beach towel is elegant without clashing with your swimsuit print/color 
  • this luxury beach towel is flattering for all body types
  • this luxury beach towel is suitable for women of all ages
  • the "catchy" phrase is flattering for all genders
  • makes a great "statement" luxury beach towel
  • fantastic for girls trips, destination bridal showers, & more!

Material: Microfiber 

SIZE: 80cm x 160cm (standard beach towel size)

MATERIAL: Microfiber

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