Say goodbye to adolescent beach towel envy with the FIS Duchess Microfiber Beach Towel for Teens! This beautiful and plush accessory is just for the cool kids: stylish enough for Instagram, comfy enough for an all-day tanning session. Now, you can show up to the beach like a boss! #BeachDayGoals!

Black Girl Affirming Beach Towel

Duchess Beach Towel is the perfect, age appropriate and classic beach towel for your teen and tween. 

  • Make a Statement at the beach or pool with our stunning, large microfiber beach towels.
  • Award-winning inclusive designs are unique and captivating for the traveling fashionista!
  • The perfect large (160cm x 80cm), high-quality microfiber beach towel that's not big and bulky and folds down nice and compact in your luggage. A Soft & durable beach towel that absorbs water is sand-resistant, lightweight, and dries 3x faster than regular cotton beach towels.
  • Impressive beach towels for girls' trips and destination bridal showers, and come packaged in the cute, fashionable polybag with the beach towel design.
  • If you love stylish, unique, one-of-a-kind luxury beach towels, this one is for you!

These are the perfect travel towels!

SIZE: 80cm x 160cm (standard beach towel size)

MATERIAL: Microfiber

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