Fashionista's Travel Diary


A Guided Travel Diary for Travel Planning & Reflections

Have you ever sat in class or your office and daydreamed about your thirst for seeing the world in the most extravagant way possible? Do you lust for the most exquisite accommodations, fine wine, and an impeccable travel wardrobe that even most celebrities would envy? Do you have the desire to pursue your wanderlust and travel around the globe and immerse yourself in new cultures and make new friends along the way? Well, if this sounds like you, you'll love this Fashionista's Travel Diary!

Fashionista's Travel Diary offers:

  • 2024-2025 At-a-Glance Calendar―Plan your travel in advance or at least circle the dates on the calendar that you would like to travel!

  • Travel Vision Boards―Use this diary to identify your dream destinations, accommodations, travel squad, cuisine, and excursions! Remember, this is your diary so you can dream as big as you want to!

  • Fashionista's Travel Budget Planning ― Budget planning is key to travel planning. Use the tips in the Fashionista’s Diary to assist with creating a realistic travel budget.

  • Fashionista's Vacation Packing Checklist ― The fashionista's packing checklists aren't your typical packing lists! Instead, use the packing checklist in the Fashionista's Diary to cross-reference all of the fabulosity you plan to take on your glorious vacation.

  • Fashionista's Travel Reflections ― Use this diary to identify your thoughts, feelings, and emotions regarding your travel experiences.

Have fun expressing, visualizing and even planning your dreamy and fashionable vacation!

This fantastic travel diary will be available for purchase soon and is a great gift idea for the traveling fashionistas in your circle!

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