The Hallelujah Notes


If It Makes You Say “Hallelujah,” It’s Worth Writing Down

Have you ever wished for the perfect journal to record your worship service notes? Especially on Sundays? Well, look no more! 

The “Hallelujah” Notes was inspired by the memory of my mother, who attended church frequently, especially on Sundays. She’d whip out her notepad and take copious notes every Sunday. She amassed many note pads, to say the least! 

The “Hallelujah” Notes is designed for people who practice the habit of taking notes during worship service, primarily during the sermon or teaching portions of worship service. But why stop there?  The “Hallelujah” Notes offer space to do much more!

The “Hallelujah” Notes offers: 

  • a sleek and silky soft matter cover 
  • size 6x9 that fits conveniently in most handbags, backpacks, and totes
  • space for tracking your feelings about worship service
  • guided writing prompts to help you recall key points about the worship service, such as:
    • who delivered the sermon/teaching
    • the topic of sermon/teaching
    • worships songs that touched you
    • who you need to keep in your prayers
    • powerful testimonies and much more!

All of this makes this journal an excellent gift for your choir members, men’s groups, women’s groups, worship ministry members, praise dance members, clergy, and ushers …well, you get the point!

We know you’ll enjoy The “Hallelujah” Notes and will never leave home without it! 

Remember -- If It Makes You Say “Hallelujah,” It’s Worth Writing Down!

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