The "Paris" Fashion Blank Spiral Notepad
Get ready to "Write & Slay" in every way with our exclusive, high-quality fashion and travel-inspired blank journals. Our journals are fabulous and gift-worthy to fashionistas, travelnistas, and collectors of gorgeous journals and notepads! With their eye-catching designs and ample...
$20.99 $12.99
The Queen's Manifestation Journal: Daily Writing Prompts for Visualizing and Manifesting the Life You Want
Have you ever wondered how some people seem to get everything they want in life? What is their secret? I've got news for you! It's no secret at all. It's an awareness of the Laws of Attraction, specifically using visualization...
The “Hallelujah” Notes: Sunday Worship Notes & Reflections
If It Makes You Say “Hallelujah,” It’s Worth Writing Down Have you ever wished for the perfect journal to record your worship service notes? Especially on Sundays? Well, look no more!  The “Hallelujah” Notes was inspired by the memory of my...
While I'm Still Here: A Guided Expression Journal of Life, Love and Legacy for Those Preparing to Transition
Gift your loved ones with your words of love, life, and your legacy. While I'm Still Here is a guided journal with writing prompts to unlock your fondest thoughts, memories, and daily reflections to leave with your family in the event...
Your Memories and Feelings Are Safe HereI Grief Journal for Teens
This grief journal is for teens and provides daily writing prompts for reflections to address the emotions, thoughts, and feelings accompanying grief. This journal is appropriate for a teen who has lost a parent, sibling, grandparent, other family members or...

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