7 Essential Rules for Glamorous Travel

#1 Start packing 6-months in advance. This is fully necessary if you expect to remember everything you need to be the center of attention while on vacation. It takes time to order all of your shoes, your wardrobe, and accessories. It would be best if you had time to plan the perfect low maintenance - yet glam hairstyles for your vacation. For many of us, this involves hairpieces, braids, and wigs. You'll need time to order your FlightsInStilettos accessories, magazine or beach towels from flightsinstilettos.com. When you're a glam-traveler, the more lead time for packing, the better!

#2 Use a separate suitcase for EVERYTHING. It doesn't matter that you're packing five suitcases for a weekend trip. What does matter is that you have everything you need while on your journey – because the worst thing that can happen is that you realize you packed the silver shoes, but you wanted the gold shoes! So pack until you're content that every possible wardrobe and shoe combination/ option is available to you on your trip. In this case, more is better!

#3 Bring ALL of your makeup. This doesn't need any further explanation. Either you're glam, and you get it or not.

#4 Oversee the wardrobe, shoes, and accessories selections of your spouse or travel companion. Your spouse or traveling companion's wardrobe, shoes, and accessories must compliment yours. Your travel companion can't possibly walk around with beat-up sneakers, "DAD" jeans cut into shorts, and an old beat-up baseball cap just because you're on vacation. And your female best friend can't be seen wearing her gym clothes and house slippers! God forbid anyone in your travel party shows up at the airport in pajamas -- even if the flight is red-eye. Oversee this process to ensure that your looks compliment each other and that you two dazzle and spin heads together! Glam. Glam. Glam.

#5 Hit the gym religiously before your vacation. Sure, you should be eating right and exercising anyway, but if you're not – OK – get your hips in the gym regularly for three months before your vacation. It's all about the pics. Do you really want to look back at your vacation pics and wish that you would have dedicated a little more time to building a better beach body? Cake on the lips sits forever on your hips! Repeat it! LOL! After the trip is over, Heck, resume your regular habits – but do what you have to do for the pics!!! This is crucial.

Cake on the lips sits forever on your hips!

#6 Be a true friend and inspect your girls' luggage before traveling. I know it's hard not to want the spotlight for yourself, but if you're on a girls' trip, all girls should look like they are of the same "squad". It's awful looking at pictures of girls' trips, and there's that one friend in the pic that appears to have not read the glam memorandum.

#7 All About the Pics. Whether it's your spouse, your best friend, or whomever, let them know upfront that 90% of THEIR vacation will be spent taking pictures of you. This is a basic human need and a fundamental requirement that must be clarified when the vacation plans are discussed.

These rules are not meant to be taken seriously and are meant to be funny unless, of course, you're a lot like me!

See you on a FlightInStilettos~

Kinyatta E. Gray is an author and the CEO of FlightsInStilettos, LLC.

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