FlightsInStilettos Glam Girl Beach Towels on

It's better than a dream because it's real!!! 
I have officially launched FlightsInStilettos on the world's largest retail platform - Walmart!!! 
If you’ve always wanted a FIS Beach Towel but never purchased one, go ahead over to Walmart and purchase your beach towel! Free shipping!!
…And the the 1st 5 Walmart customers will receive a free FlightsInStilettos drawstring backpack and a copy of the July issue of FlightsInStilettos Magazine!!!
This is major.
Being accepted as a seller on this platform was not a matter of a few clicks and adding your products on some app -- not even.
You have to be an established business with all of the proper business credentials, a track record of selling quality products, and a track record of delivering exceptional customer service.
Yes, they verify these metrics.
As always, thank you all for your love and support during my FlightsInStilettos Glam Girl Beach Towel journey. Your support and love of my beach towels are what kept me going on many days!
I'm dedicating this accomplishment to my mom, my beloved Miss Bee, who would have basked in such delight of what her baby girl has accomplished.
One day I just said "FlightsInStilettos," and a few years, blood, sweat, and tears later - we're on Walmart!
Check out my short video talking about my Walmart launch: VIDEO
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