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Ice Ice Iceland! Samantha Accomplished Her “Bucket List” Vacation to Iceland…

Over the last few years,  American travelers, especially Black-Americans have been traveling to Iceland in record numbers to learn more about the culture and to experience the country’s largest attractions such as the Blue Lagoon and Northern Lights. Iceland, a Nordic island nation, is defined by its dramatic landscape with volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and lava fields. Reykjavik is the capital city of Iceland with a population of over 350,000 people.

Samantha is one of those adventurous travelers that has actually created a “Travel Bucket List”. I absolutely love writing blogs about people who accomplish their bucket list goals because they are so much more enthusiastic about sharing their experiences and encouraging others to live life to experience new adventures, build (never to be forgotten) memories and educating yourselves about the world, beyond your local community.


Samantha and I chatted on hot summer day about her trip to Iceland. Below are my questions and her responses to my questions.

Would you consider yourself an avid traveler? Yes, I would absolutely consider myself an avid traveler! I believe in traveling to different places to understand cultures, experience new things internationally or domestically and all within a budget.

What made you decide to travel to Iceland? Visiting the Blue Lagoon has always been one of my desired experiences on my bucket list. The Blue Lagoon, what an experience!! It is an all-time picturesque place in Iceland!

Did you have any concerns traveling to a destination that isn’t accustomed to seeing Black-Americans? Did you feel comfortable going about your traveler business in Iceland? I did have concerns about visiting Iceland, but after doing some research, talking to friends and finally meeting the natives it felt so comfortable. The Icelanders are extremely nice and pleasant.


What was the most fascinating thing about your trip to Iceland? I was fascinated by how much African-American culture has influenced the natives. For example, walking around the airport and hearing Drake’s new album on replay, at full volume was amazing!

Describe your favorite meal while in Iceland. Iceland is known for its fresh fish…I couldn’t leave without having fish and chips!

What’s the best piece of advice that you wish you had received prior to traveling to Iceland? I wish I had known more about the value of Icelandic Krona vs the American dollar. Also, the water in Iceland is pure and fresh, totally drinkable… no need to buy bottled water!

So there you have it! Samantha and her friends thoroughly enjoyed the food, culture, attractions and the people of Iceland. If you’re interested in learning more about this destination visit: .

To learn more about Samantha Cole, visit her website: .


It was a pleasure speaking with Samantha and learning about her trip to Iceland and her future bucket list destinations!

Until next time Iceland…

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“Bonus” Bestie, Diamond and I Take On Downtown Silver Spring in FlightsInStilettos!

Diamond (my daughter) and I had blast in downtown Silver Spring, MD. I couldn’t be more thrilled with her love and support of FlightsInStilettos! We seized the moment and great weather to take a few pictures in the new FlightsInStilettos fitted T-shirts that will be available for purchase.

I thought that it would be super authentic to go out on this beautiful day, rocking my own gear and take realistic pictures to share with friends and family who may be interested in purchasing soon. Also featured in these pictures are my super hot and ultra-feminine FIS “I Bring The Sunshine” Umbrellas (clear) and Diamond is also modeling our FIS “Queen” tote (black & white) also which we will also be selling soon.

In case you’re wondering, my biggest fan of all, Julie, graciously and patiently took our pictures.

We had such a great afternoon, ending it with a great lunch and cocktails. The best part of the day was the quality time shared by all. Best 2 -hours of my weekend!

If you don’t already follow my blog, click the little “follow” button so that you’re the first to know about my new posts! I will be posting some fantastic glam travel stories this week from some amazing women who have traveled to Spain, Cuba, and Jamaica! Delicious & Glamorous!!

Shoes: Jessica Simpson and Sophia Webster

Handbag: Pink Vintage Chanel Tote

Tote: FIS “Queen” Tote

Photo Credit: Julie M.

FIS T-Shirts Features in Sz Small & Medium
We’re wearing the FIS fitted T-shirts in Small & Medium
We’re wearing the FIS fitted T-shirts and the FIS “I Bring The Sunshine” Umbrellas (clear) and Dime is rocking the FIS “Queen” tote (black & white)
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Welcome To My Blog: FlightsInStilettos™!


I used to be disinterested in traveling simply because I had a fear of flying. A few laughs, great experiences and fun trips – later,  I have since changed my way of thinking and feeling and I now look forward to a few trips annually.

I consider myself an occasional traveler opposed to an avid traveler (someone that travels at least 5 times or more a year).

I was introduced to a travel club called DreamTrips by my best friend and my mindset was changed regarding the affordability and access to travel.  I actually became a member of DreamTrips.

At the same time I joined DreamTrips, my blog FlightsInStilettos was also born in a effort to share my fantastic travel experiences (with my beloved spouse Julie and family)  and travel experiences of others which often times include may include elements of glamour, stilettos, a bit of history and traveler recommendations.

MyFly Bag Personalized Carry-On

Travel should be  relaxing, fun, fulfilling, full of adventure and glamorous!

Everyone has their own unique personal travel style – mine just happens to include stilettos and lots of sparkly things! LOL

I also choose to take Flights In Stilettos!