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What My Mother Means To Me…3 Generations

For Mother’s Day, I asked my mother and daughter to share with me, what their mother means to them. I also did some reflecting and included my thoughts on what my mother means to me also. Each narrative was personally written by the responder. Sometimes it’s not about a gift, it is about expressing, telling, and demonstrating your love for your mother and being able to articulate just how much she means to you. Happy Mother’s Day!


The Matriarch – Ms. Carroll
“Sometimes when I look in the mirror and see the ever-increasing tiny brown moles growing on my face, I wonder, “did I get these moles from her? At other times I wonder if I inherited my large almost hazel eyes from her…I really miss my mother…but how do you miss someone that you ‘ve never seen before…never heard her voice before, or smelled her perfume or ate her cooking……before? I’ve lived without knowing who my birth mother is all my life, so actually becoming a mother was an amazing experience for me. God always has a way of making up for what’s missing in our lives. Not only did I become a mother, but God has given me 3 surrogate mothers in my life. One has passed away now some 30 years ago, but the other 2 are still with me and I treasure every moment that I get to spend with them when I can. No one will truly ever take the place of my precious birth mother, whoever she is, or was, but I am very grateful to be a mother, grandmother and Godmother. The one thing I don’t have to wonder about is being loved! God saw to that!!”

~ Ms. Carroll



The Daughter – Mrs. Gray (Ms. Carroll’s daughter)
“When I think of my mother, I can remember when it was just her and I and she worked caring for other families’ children while I was in daycare – this was a necessary sacrifice as she was a single mother intent on keeping me in her care and close by. When I was little I’d go to work with her and experience a little bit of her parenting style — which was different as she had more resources at work. I remember the tuna melts tasted so much better at her job because her families ate albacore tuna and had better cheese (LOL). As time went on, my mother continued to make sacrifices for me, often catching the bus from Gaithersburg, MD to SE, DC to visit me because she nor I owned a vehicle at the time, but she wanted to see me and spend time with me. I looked forward to those visits. My mother is one of the strongest and most resilient people that I know. I have watched her experience and endure a number of things that would have completely broken the average woman, yet she has persevered and has kept her head high. She has an amazing capacity to forgive. I have seen her hold on to friendships and family members that I would have been cut off and (still will) as I don’t have the heart that she does. But I’m hoping that in time – I will. My mother is an excellent listener and has provided an immeasurable number of hours listening to her friends and providing much needed emotional support.  My mother gives 100% to what she chooses to do and what she’s asked to do – hence why she’s called upon to lead committees and ministries all of the time. My mother is a caring, supportive and doting grandmother to her only grandchildren. I will never have any more children – so these two extensions of me are it! I adore and worship the ground my mother walks on, and both Ju and I are waiting for the magical age to come so that she can stay with us and be spoiled. That’s only if she doesn’t remarry ( then that will be his job LOL). Once my mother understood me better and hence loved and accepted my spouse, Ju, it was the most pivotal moment in our lives. Her love for me prevailed and her desire to see me live happily ever after — has resulted in me living happily ever after. I admire everything about her and rely on her wisdom, guidance, and acceptance. My mother means EVERYTHING to me. I love you.

~ Mrs. Gray



The Granddaughter – Ms. Gray (Mrs. Gray’s daughter and Ms. Carroll’s Granddaughter)
“A mother is caring. A mother is gentle. A mother is patient. A mother is the most loving, and the most supportive. A mother always knows best. A mother like mine is everything and more. She’s dedicated, hardworking, independent, beautiful, intelligent, insightful and everything else. It’s an honor being the daughter to someone like her. She listens, she takes care of the house, she provides to every need. She always makes herself available when she’s needed. I love her smile, I love her laughter. I love when she’s happy which is usually all the time. She is all around the perfect woman and far too good of a mother. Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve her. I have friends who wish they had a mother like mine. They all can see how great of a mother she is. Those friends also remind me of how grateful I am to have a mother so caring & involved. Sometimes I may take her for granted but I never want her to believe I don’t appreciate her. I literally could not ask for a mother any better. She has done no wrong as my mom. She made sure my brother and I were always straight. She pushed us both to be the best we could be. She pushed us to our potential. If it weren’t for her, I’m sure my brother and I would not have made it this far and we wouldn’t be this successful! Every piece of thanks goes to her & Julie. The best set of parents I could ever ask for.

My mom has always been there for me every step of the way with everything. I know if no one has my back, she does. I aspire to be the type of woman she is and I hope I can be half the mother she is to my future kids one day! I love her sooo much! She’s done nothing but steered her children in the right direction and pushed us forward. And for that, I thank you! Thank you for birthing me!! I’m truly the lucky one. There is not one thing I wish she did, because she has literally done it all. The only thing I can think of is that one time when I was younger and wanted a barbie car. LOL. but I got a real car instead when I became of age. love you, mom!

A queen she is. “

~ Ms. Gray

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We Love Our Customers At FlightsInStilettos!

Loyal customers are the heartbeat of any business! Embrace this concept and you will always be in business! Cheers to my supportive customers and I can’t wait to serve my new customers in the future!

“There is a big difference between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer.” – Shep Hyken



CEO & Creator, FlightsInStilettos, LLC



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Nothing Could Go Wrong In Hong Kong – Traveling With Alisha!

I’ve known Alisha for at least 10 years – we have worked together for most of those years. I found out very early in our friendship that she enjoyed traveling.

Back then I knew the kinds of trips I had in mind when people in my inner circled discussed traveling. By and large, the primary travel destinations of people (in my circle 10 years ago) consisted of Miami, Las Vegas, NY,  Atlantic City and Los Angeles.

So, one day, Alisha and I were chopping it up and we started to talk about her recent trip. Keep in mind, I wasn’t thinking about traveling globally 10 years ago – so I never considered the fact that others in my age range were, in fact, traveling globally.

I had already imagined where Alisha probably went for her “vacation”. So, I eagerly waited to hear all about her trip to Myrtle Beach!! But guess what, Alisha fixed her lips to tell me about her exotic 1 or 2-week vacation to Greece! In my mind, I was like “whaaaaattttt????” Greece was like a honeymoon vacation – surely not where young women would travel. So, after I secretly regained my composure, I played it cool, and was like, yeah — of course she went to Greece! Silly me…

It was in that moment, that I was reintroduced to Alisha, the avid traveler.

From that day to the present, I have shared that story with many people. And I always describe Alisha to people this way — ” remember the lady from my job who was planning to tell me about her trip and I assumed she was going to tell me about Myrtle Beach – when actually she traveled to Greece?” It’s a classic story.

Alisha traveled frequently to exotic destinations overseas. And since back then I was still afraid of long-distance flights, she agreed to also bring me back my beloved postcards. So between Donna’s postcards (which I hung up on my wall at work) and doing the same with Alisha’s postcards, it gave the illusion that I was the avid traveler! LOL

Fast forward to the present, Alisha traveled to Hong Kong. Yes, Hong Kong. 10 -15 years later, I’m still in awe of her travel destinations.

While in Hong Kong, Alisha visited the Big Buddha and the Tai O Fishing Village which she says is a “must see” attraction. It requires riding the big lift to get there.



Her favorite meal was a cheap bowl of noodle soup from a food stand. I love a good noodle soup so I would have been in heaven.

Part of being an avid traveler means that you’re open to accepting different cultural experiences — even the food. I have always been impressed with how Alisha never hesitated to try something completely undesired by the western palette.

Alisha’s travel style is spontaneous and experimental — again being an avid traveler, she’s very open to experiencing life and traditions of the local culture.

Without a doubt, Alisha will continue to satisfy her appetite for global travel and one day soon, I will accept her invitation.

Until next time Hong Kong…


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The Big Sister I Never Had – Victoria Dixon

It’s funny when you’re a child, a 10-15 year age difference is significant. Somehow, when you become adults not so much. That’s the case with my cousin Victoria.

Growing up, I was always fond of my cousin Victoria – just too young to roll with her LOL!  She traveled  in the fast line, was popular and knew many people in the DMV.  A socialite then and now! I remember hoping I’d grow up and be shaped just like her.

Our lives went in separate directions; intertwining at certain intervals – mainly family gatherings. Within the last 20 years, age was no longer a factor, I was an adult and had more in common with my cousin since I too was a mother  and had been through some things in life – but we both were similar in the sense that while we stayed in touch with our grandmother mainly,  we made appearances at key family events annually – only.

Over the years, my cousin and I grew close. Real close.  Mostly because she made it a point to reach out to me weekly, for YEARS. I may receive a text at 6am, and when I’d get that text, I knew it was either Victoria or my mom. Victoria would always remember some of my friends she may have met along the way and she’d always ask — “so how’s so & so?”  And I’d always laugh, because she may have been referring to a buddy of mine she met one time years ago that I may or may not even speak to anymore – but she would always show interest and concern about that person and would always ask about them.  I TOO have that same caring spirit. Once I meet you and I like you – I will always inquire about your well-being.  Yup — years later! LOL.

I have shared many things with my cousin over the years and she with me. I trust her wholeheartedly.  My cousin has a heart of gold and when I spend time with her, she reminds me a lot of myself, because I possess that same sweet spirit. And what I have also learned is that we both are on the receiving end a lot of unfair judgment. People often form an opinion of the kind of person they think that we are – based on our outer appearance –  when in reality, we are two of the most authentic kind-hearted and polite individuals you’d ever meet.

Actually, the more time that I spend with all of my aunts and family, I see that kindness and authenticity runs in the blood.

My cousin really has been my rock (she doesn’t realize this) she has supported me and has been there for me like no other.  Just recently, if the “necessary” became necessary, she would have thrown those hands up to defend me. But we divas really try not to go there — it’s bad for the stilettos. But don’t get it twisted by any means.

A recent memory of my cousin was at her last birthday party. I was sooooo excited to be there to support her on her special day. And my goodness, I had such a great time with her squad. But more importantly, I observed my cousin taking great care in the planning of her own party.  She wanted every single detail to be perfect — not for her, but for her guests.  She wanted her guests to be fed the best food, the best cake and she made swag bags, and created a glamorous atmosphere – truly all for her guests. When she felt satisfied that her guests would have a great experience, she then got dressed and enjoyed her party. It was the most selfless act I have witnessed. And my heart grew even fonder.

Victoria at her last birthday party! Diva!

And last, my cousin came through for me in a HUGE way – in an effort to help support the visibility of my new travel-inspired brand FlightsInStilettos. Again, such a selfless act and she went out of her way, because she just wanted me to be happy. For that act, I will be eternally grateful. Family supports family.

Victoria doing what she loves – taking pictures of me, Julie and Always Ask Asia


Of course, there have been those times when we haven’t seen eye to eye – but not many. My cousin called and made me do something that really I should have done without her making me feel guilty. But she was right and I was glad I went to visit a family member when I did. I sent her the picture as proof and life was good again between her and I. It killed me to think she may have been upset with me and I wanted to make it right.

For these reasons and 40+ years of additional reasons, Vicky is really the big sister I never had. She’s my cousin, but I love her like a sister. I dedicate this to you big sister-cousin! If you are blessed to have this woman in your life, you really have a true gem on your side.

Victoria and I at her birthday party
Cousins, Victoria and Shaunita (Shaunita and those faces she makes cracks me up) LOL
Victoria – there for me on my wedding day!
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Spring Fling in Colorado – Emily & Domo’s 1st Trip!

It brings me so much joy to write about Domo & Emily’s spring trip to Colorado. Domo is my only son, and his 1st trip (as an adult) is heartwarming as he’s creating goals and crushing them. He has always had an adventurous spirit, so I know full well, that this is just the beginning of he and Emily building their travel memories together. Emily, Domo’s college sweetheart is beautiful and equally accomplished. Domo has shared with me that her brain and intellect are her most attractive features. He’s focused on the right things. They met on campus at Towson University. Emily sat with us, as he graduated with his degree in 2017.

They planned this trip to Denver, CO and I remember how they were counting down the weeks and hours leading up to their trip. Both of them were in need of a mini-vacation.

During the interview, I asked Emily & Domo to their summarize their experience in Denver, and this is what they said: ” Neither of us had traveled to the West coast before this trip and weren’t initially sure how to best experience the city of Denver. We chose an Airbnb because we had heard a few good recommendations from friends that had experience with them. For us, this turned out to be an ideal option because we were able to enjoy our own space and the location was only a short walk to the historic art district that led into downtown Denver. We chose to experience the trip more similarly to how the locals would – which gave us the chance to really explore on our own and get to know the community. The overall atmosphere of the city was very casual and more laid back than the hustle and bustle of a city like Washington D.C., despite being so large. It’s a wonderful place to experience a variety of interests from the arts to nature and we more than enjoyed our first time there!

Having never visited CO, but very interested in doing so, I was curious about the must-see tourist attractions that they discovered, and this is what they said: “Since it was our first time together on an out of state trip and in Colorado, Domo and I did a good amount of research to figure out which places were must-sees and luckily we were able to find a wide variety of things to enjoy! Everything from the mountains to downtown Denver was much more close by than we thought so it wasn’t difficult to accomplish everything we set out to do. Our top two must-sees, particularly in the city of Denver, were 16th street mall and Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater. The 16th street mall is an outdoor pedestrian mall that runs about 1.5 miles and has a few hundred stores and restaurants to explore, very family friendly but also a great location for nightlife or for those who want to shop! For those who are outdoorsy and interested in wildlife or scenic places, Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater is a perfect attraction. The park’s amphitheater is a world-famous open-air concert venue sitting at around 6,450 feet above sea level, surrounded by 868 acres of natural red sandstone formations with various hiking trails. We were fortunate enough to visit after it had just snowed so throughout our hike on the Trading Post Trail we were able to see beautiful views of the foothills dusted with snow and quite a few times had to just stop in awe and do 360 turns to really take in and admire the sights.

Are you ready to book your trip to CO yet? This overview of the must-sees that they researched has definitely sparked my interest in traveling to this jewel of a state.

Now, if you follow my blog, you know that I LOVE to hear about my travelers’ favorite meals while on travel. This was their response to my question regarding their favorite meal: “While we were visiting, everyone we met was so friendly and had great recommendations for food and attractions. However, simply through exploring the neighborhood we were in, we came across a locally owned cafe called “Under the Umbrella” down the street from where we were staying and decided to stop for breakfast. For coffee or tea lovers, I would recommend the Oregon chai latte paired with one of their amazing pastries like the lemon bar or raspberry muffin. For breakfast, Dom tried their green chili and thought it was fantastic for those who like their food a little heat. This spot was a go-to for locals and if we ever return, we would definitely stop by there again!” So there you have it – “Under the Umbrella” and Oregon Chai Latte made their “favorite” list!

I am so completely thrilled that their plans were executed flawlessly and they experienced CO in the manner that they saw fit – thus building their own memories, together. They both bring me joy.

Until next time Colorado…

Downtown Denver 
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Denver Botanic Gardens
Emily & Domo in Downtown Denver 
Red Rocks Park 


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Morocco…A Dream Trip for Most, Paul & Donna’s Reality

How many of you have ever considered traveling to Morocco? How many of you have actually accomplished traveling to Morocco? Donna & Paul have. Before I get into the interview I conducted with Donna & Paul about their trip, let me share a little about them. I have known both Donna & Paul for nearly 15 years. 15 good years. Donna and I work for the same federal agency. We used to work in the same building. For some reason on what I  would like to believe was a sunny day (LOL) Donna and I became acquainted.
It was an instant friendship. I can recall the first time we went to lunch and Donna agreed to drive. I remember thinking we’d get off the elevator and walk to her Honda Accord. So, we passed one, two , three Honda’s and had not stopped. Finally, she clicks the remote and I see the lights flashing for a current year 5 series BMW. I was floored. 15 years ago, I wasn’t surrounded by women with their own luxury vehicles. I remember getting in, feeling like yes – I look cute. We’re going to look cute pulling up to Wendy’s (LOL).  Later on, when I was gifted with my first Mercedes CLK-320, somehow it would just magically happen that Donna and I would park on the same row in the garage at work. Soon after, all luxury cars began to park on the same row as us and that row became known as “Millionaire’s Row”. And that was my introduction to Donna, and later Paul. Both Donna & Paul are incredibly special to me because our lives couldn’t be more different, but we have embraced those differences in our lives as established and grounded, friends and women should. I don’t use the term “bestie” for just anyone, but Donna, with her tenacity, live out loud personality, caring ways, and consistency has earned that level of closeness in my life and Julie’s.

True story, Donna & Paul would travel frequently, and my fear of long flights prevented me from traveling as much as they do. So, Donna, (not wanting me to feel excluded) would always bring me something back. What I loved most were postcards. See, I’d hang the postcards in my office. And unsuspecting co-workers would stop by my office and see all of these postcards from all over the world. China, Africa, Hawaii, you name it. Hey if you left my office thinking I’d been to Rwanda that’s on you! (LOL). But, that was her way of sharing a piece of life that I was missing, that she was enjoying, with me. Thank you, Donna.

Donna and Paul took an exquisite and once in a lifetime trip to Marrakech Morocco. Unlike the average American, this couple travels at least 6 to 12 times per year. Say and think what you want, but they are enjoying the hell out of life. I’m pretty sure if you could find a way to do the same thing, you would. Donna is a fellow fashionista, but when she’s in travel mode, she enjoys a more casual look based on the destination. I asked Donna what made her and Paul choose Marrakech Morocco, and this is what she said “Every year my desire is to go someplace exotic for my birthday. When scrolling through my DreamTrips App, my fingers landed on Marrakech, Morocco, and Casablanca. Morocco sounded like a great idea…so why not! I’ve been to a Moroccan restaurant many years ago but never thought I would visit the country and experience the cuisine and culture first hand.”

OMG! Can you imagine just thinking that you want to travel somewhere exotic for your birthday? Some of us are just lucky enough to get 3 people to wish us Happy Birthday on Facebook!

During the interview, I learned that in Morocco, the architecture was nothing short of amazing! Morocco is a Muslim country. While there – they learned that the architectural designs/patterns are all colorful geometric shapes, some with Arabic writing. They do not believe in using the likeness of animals or humans. In addition to the architecture, the landscape was very flat and full of olive trees – one of their largest exports.

So, now to my favorite part – if you follow my blog, (repeat if you follow my blog) you know that I love to hear about the food. Here’s what Donna & Paul said about their favorite meal ” Tajine! It consists of lots of vegetables and dried fruits packed with herbs and sweet and spicy flavors, along with lamb, chicken or beef prepared in a tajine, a ceramic dish used for cooking and even serving, and served with bread. I never thought I would ever eat eggplant or apricots!”

Last, if you’re motivated to travel to Morocco, here’s their recommendation:
“My peak life experience in Marrakech Morocco was visiting the Argan Oil Factory where we saw the making of the Argan Oil from the Argan nut. On the way, we saw goats in trees. I knew that goats could climb, but I’ve never seen “a tree full of goats!”. We also enjoyed a ride through the High Atlas Mountain and a nice lunch at a swank hotel/restaurant at the foot of the mountain. The views were breathtaking!”

It brought me so much pleasure to learn about this dream trip and what was so exciting to me, is that this was about my bestie and her husband living their lives to the fullest – which is what we should all aspire to do.

Until next time Morocco…

Donna & Paul at me and Julie’s wedding






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Sisters Cindy & Amara And The Vivacious Island of Cuba

I first met Cindy and Amara when I was invited to a Sunday brunch in Washington, DC.

It was an encounter I would not soon forget. I was particularly intrigued by these sisters because they are both stunningly gorgeous, and they possessed a unique sense of style. They were different yet the also possessed similar qualities – they were both extremely sweet and social. We engaged in conversation on a wide variety of topics, most centering around culture. Admittedly, I received quite the education that day on topics of Africa and current events. While I pride myself on surrounding myself with educated and progressive thinkers, clearly I need to have brunch with this entire squad frequently.

Cindy and Amara, both in their 30’s, traveled to Cuba during the “wet” season. They specifically visited two magnificent cities – Havana and Varadero. I feel that we have all heard of Havana, Cuba, but Varadero -not so much. Even though it was supposed to be the wet season, it never rained at all. In fact, it was quite hot and the rain would have been a welcomed relief!

These sisters travel at least once per year, schedule permitting. And this becomes really tricky as they love to travel together but synchronizing their schedules is challenging.

When traveling to Cuba, Cindy shared that they preferred to dress like the natives, and I must say that after looking at their glorious pictures, they did an amazing job. The colors, the ruffles, the skirts, the head coverings…I felt all of it! Cindy also had this to say about their travel style:

“When we were younger, our family would travel twice a year to beautiful 5-star resorts all around the Caribbean, South America, and occasionally Europe.

However, after visiting two 5-star resorts a year for seven years, they became less interesting and honestly, they all started to look the same. We eventually became bored of just laying out in the sun with the occasional water sports thrown in. We realized a long time ago that we were missing a vital point of traveling which includes discovering a country, its culture, and its people. Exploring new cultures and trying new authentic foods is our motivation today. Don’t get me wrong, resorts are a great; especially for the untraveled. But if you’re young and full of energy, I would recommend staying with the locals, partying with the locals, and eating where the locals eat! “

Cindy this is great advice, pending the safety and security of such ambitious adventures. Travelers should be willing to explore and also take the time necessary to be educated about the territory which they plan to explore.

I asked Cindy what made them choose Cuba as their travel destination, and this is what she said: ” With the Cuban thaw in full force, we wanted to visit Cuba before it lost its authenticity; before it became too “touristy.” Cuba has virtually remained untouched for over fifty years so it theoretically allows travelers to travel back in time and experience living history!”


I must say that this reasoning totally resonated with me, as I too would love to travel to Cuba in the near future. How about you?

While there are too many things to list that were worthy of falling in love within Cuba, it was hard for these sisters to make a selection, but when pressed to narrow it down, this is what they had to say:

“There was so much to fall in love with in Cuba! If I had to choose it would be the music. Cuba is like living in a real-life musical. You wake up serenaded by the sounds of a Spanish guitar and hummingbirds outside your window. Every restaurant had a live band. Teens would meet up to rumba dance in the streets at night. Elderly couples would breakout in salsa dance mid-day in a cafe. It was truly amazing to experience a developed country that has not been transfixed by technology. Instead of technology, music was their hypnosis and everyone seemed to bond by virtue of it.”

I love this because imagine just for one entire day enjoying distraction-fee and technology-free peaceful moments. Ahhhhh, I can see it now…

Cindy shared that she enjoyed her breakfast on the balcony, which was rather traditional – boiled eggs, fruit, and coffee. She explained that there was too much to do, food was the last thing on their minds. I’m such a foodie, I was waiting to salivate at the thought of an amazing meal. LOL

Last, Cindy and Amara shared that Havana is beautiful but the true hidden gem in Cuba is Varadero. They’d recommend that travelers visit Varadero while in Cuba. The white-sand beach is shallow enough to swim a mile in and still be only knee deep. Further, they stated that the nightlife in Varadero was amazing. Everyone was dancing; not one person against the wall. Their outdoor clubs are free entry but you pay for drinks. Their indoor clubs had a door price but drinks were unlimited.

I completely look forward to experiencing what Cindy and Amara experienced on this beautiful island.

Until next time Cuba…

If you’re interested in being featured on my blog, please send me an email at Sharing your experience may be helpful to someone looking to travel to your travel destination.





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It Takes “Four” To Tango In Turks and Caicos

I’m a lover of turquoise beach water and white sand. I love nothing more than sunbathing on a beach with pristine water, beautiful sunsets and access to endless cocktails. And this is just where Debra, Vanessa, Lance, and Lance’s mom spent 6 days in March. Yes, while you were freezing your buns off and waiting for Metro, these four individuals were luxuriating in paradise.

They traveled to Turks and Caicos during peak season and enjoyed every moment of it. Debra, my friend, travels at least 3-4 times per year because she’s very generous to herself. Before she departs one destination, her mind begins to think about the very next destination. I’m sure that we all do that when the thought of not sleeping in until 9 am or not waking up to the sound of beach waves begins to set it.

Debra’s travel style is highly contingent upon what the weather’s like at her travel destination. But she tends to go for a more casual look and can flex to a more diva style when it’s necessary to become a “diva”.

The beautiful turquoise waters were the #1 factor for this group choosing this destination. While there, they fell in love with the extensive accessible beaches and the great weather.

What I’m going to write about next is my absolute favorite….while in Turks and Caicos, Debra and her traveling companions experienced eating “all you can eat” lobster at Pelican’s Bay. We’re not talking about Red Lobster, lobster tails, we’re talking about large lobsters straight out of the ocean prepared any way you want it — grilled, sautéed, or with a light tempura batter. The option of dipping this delicacy in hot dripping butter or a number of specialty sauces were offered so that they could achieve the flavors of their desire. Debra and her companions tried hard to eat all that they could, but unfortunately, they could only consume three of these enormous lobsters. According to Debra, it was the best $75.00 ever spent! I am a HUGE lobster lover, so without a doubt, I am more motivated than ever to travel to this destination to experience all you can eat lobster!


Finally, after snorkeling, lounging, partying, jet skiing and eating “all you can eat” lobster, Debra, and her travel companions visited the Chalk Sound Preserve and Middle Caicos. She recommends this attraction to anyone visiting this extraordinary Caribbean island.

Until next time Turks & Caicos.

If you’d like to be featured on my blog to help others learn about possible travel destinations when planning their vacations, please send me an email at


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FlightsInStilettos Is Open For Business!

It all started after I completed a DreamTrip with my friend Donna and her husband Paul. I loved the experience so much that I joined the travel club. During the registration process, I had to select a name for my personal travel site, and I immediately came up with “FlightsInStilettos.” Mainly because:
1) I choose to only wear stilettos to the airport,
2) For a 4-day trip, I packed an entire suitcase full of only stilettos. (And as you probably know, the suitcase with the shoes was more important to me than the one with the clothes) so that’s the bag that I selected as my “carry-on” plus, I needed at least two stiletto options per outfit, and
3) Everyone knows I have an obsession with stilettos. You can ask my family members, I will wear stilettos to cookouts, dog-walking, grocery shopping and even to the mailbox.
So for all of these reasons, FlightsInStilettos just made sense! LOL
Donna, (for some reason) was curious about what I named my personal travel site, and I told her FlightsInStilettos! And she LOVED it! And then I LOVED it. And the more I said it, the more it had a “ring”  to it and the rest is history! I am not a designer, I’m just a natural-born glamour girl who loves all things, pink, blingy, luxurious and of course fancy designer stilettos! This site and these novelty items are an extension of my personality! I love every single one of the FIS items! I hope that you will too!  Special thanks to Koress Tapscott for designing my FIS “original” logo and my new FIS “love” logo which represents pride and diversity! And to my darling Julie for believing in me.   Don’t forget to click on the “SHOP” page!



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I Found “Joy” In Spain…

Spain has always been one of those countries that I have been curious about but wanted to know how the experience was by someone I personally knew. And that’s when I found “Joy” in Spain.

My childhood friend Joy and her friend Dr. Greene traveled to the magnificent and scenic Seville, Spain. If you’re going to travel why not travel and be as fabulous as Joy and Dr. Greene and travel to Spain? Life Goals!!!

Joy is not a novice traveler and commits to traveling internationally once a year with a mixture of domestic trips throughout the year. And I love this approach because there are truly some amazing treasures and sites to see right here in the USA.

Naturally, Joy gives off  “diva” vibes, so it was no surprise to me that she can adjust her travel style based on the location. In Spain, they did a lot walking on cobblestone and it was rather cold during their time of travel, so in true fabulous fashion Joy and Dr. Greene made mad dashes to Zara and Stradivarius to buy boots and sweaters. Ok, and no one brought me back a sweater from Spain?? Luckily though, it wasn’t all boots and sweaters, as they were able to flex their “diva” style in the evening for dinner and drinks.

So, if you’re thinking about traveling to Seville, Spain, make sure that you have a friend like Dr. Greene, to invite you – because Joy was invited due to a speaking engagement that Dr. Greene was invited to at a local university in Spain. Say it with me, IMPRESSIVE!

I asked Joy what she fell in love with in Spain, and this is what she said “It would absolutely be the architecture. Seville is the perfect example of a mixture of the old historical architect with modern restaurants and businesses. The Cathédrale De Séville was one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen. It is full of history as well, it’s where they would sell slaves right from Africa and where Christopher Columbus is buried. There was a huge mix of emotions that I felt being both African-American and Native American. It was like I was able to see a piece of my own history.

Now to my favorite part of world travel – the food. During our interview, Joy shared with me that she loved the Pork Paella. She also loved a cafe called Moor Castle which was situated in a courtyard with a fountain. Can you picture that? It was something like out of your favorite movie. And to top it off, they enjoyed glasses of wine with dinner while being serenaded by local singers. I’m looking at flights to Seville right now…

If you’re like me and interested in traveling to Seville, Spain, Joy recommends taking the carriage ride through downtown because it’s an amazing way to see Seville in all its splendor.

Until next time Seville, Spain…