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We Love Our Customers At FlightsInStilettos!

Loyal customers are the heartbeat of any business! Embrace this concept and you will always be in business! Cheers to my supportive customers and I can’t wait to serve my new customers in the future!

“There is a big difference between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer.” – Shep Hyken



CEO & Creator, FlightsInStilettos, LLC



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FlightsInStilettos Is Open For Business!

It all started after I completed a DreamTrip with my friend Donna and her husband Paul. I loved the experience so much that I joined the travel club. During the registration process, I had to select a name for my personal travel site, and I immediately came up with “FlightsInStilettos.” Mainly because:
1) I choose to only wear stilettos to the airport,
2) For a 4-day trip, I packed an entire suitcase full of only stilettos. (And as you probably know, the suitcase with the shoes was more important to me than the one with the clothes) so that’s the bag that I selected as my “carry-on” plus, I needed at least two stiletto options per outfit, and
3) Everyone knows I have an obsession with stilettos. You can ask my family members, I will wear stilettos to cookouts, dog-walking, grocery shopping and even to the mailbox.
So for all of these reasons, FlightsInStilettos just made sense! LOL
Donna, (for some reason) was curious about what I named my personal travel site, and I told her FlightsInStilettos! And she LOVED it! And then I LOVED it. And the more I said it, the more it had a “ring”  to it and the rest is history! I am not a designer, I’m just a natural-born glamour girl who loves all things, pink, blingy, luxurious and of course fancy designer stilettos! This site and these novelty items are an extension of my personality! I love every single one of the FIS items! I hope that you will too!  Special thanks to Koress Tapscott for designing my FIS “original” logo and my new FIS “love” logo which represents pride and diversity! And to my darling Julie for believing in me.   Don’t forget to click on the “SHOP” page!



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I Decided Not To Wear African Attire To See The Movie Black Panther And Here’s Why…

For weeks I planned to wear a grand African ensemble to see the movie, Black Panther. The hype was in the air, and black pride was on level 10.

After reading many different social media posts and gaining different perspectives from people from different walks of life making excellent points about the uptick in interest in African clothes, but not so much in African education and culture (to include clothing and tradition), I thought the better of it and decided to do something more meaningful and impactful (to me).

I fully support and understand anyone who elected to show up at the movie theaters in African attire. In fact, I completely and excitedly looked forward to it. People showing up to the theater in African attire at the theater Julie and I patronized was underwhelming. I was quite surprised.

In any event, after thinking about the posts and commentary I read, I decided that I would support a local African owned boutique in my area that sells both African and non-African stylish clothing. I purchased an outfit that I would wear long after the Black Panther movie. Not only that, I purchased this particular outfit because I was inspired by my very fashionable stylist Chi Chi of Chicamastyle. Trust me, you’ve seen her modeling stylish fashions all over Instagram. I’ve accomplished a few things by making these decisions.  I have:
– Not unintentionally offended an entire culture by wearing fabrics, clothes, and patterns of which I do not have a clear meaning or understanding of their significance to the African culture (I hope to educate myself more in this area)
– I’ve supported a small business owned by an African in the United States
– I’m wearing an outfit modeled by an African model (who inspires me) who has mad style and models for many American-based boutiques and businesses
– I’ve contributed to the American economy in a small way, but still – I did.

This was my epiphany and my choice, and I was quite content with my actions thereafter. Again, much love to those who put a significant amount of effort to dressing in African attire to see the movie, Black Panther.

The movie was absolutely amazing! There were many messages taken away that I will ponder on for weeks to come. What was most astonishing to me was to see black women portrayed as fierce, educated, trusting, loyal and strong warriors – which in fact, in reality, we are. The movie just affirmed for the masses what we already live and know. I can’t wait to purchase the movie and add it to my collection of all time favorites. If you haven’t seen the movie it’s a must-see – a classic, a keeper, and a true Oscar contender.








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Sisters, Kiana & Danielle Took Paris By Storm In Style and Stilettos

When Kiana texted me and told me that she was going to Paris with her sister Danielle, I was excited and nervous at the same time. They were taking their trip shortly after an attack occurred in Paris. While cautious, these sisters stayed the course and didn’t let fear keep them from completing an opportunity that most people simply dream of doing. These sisters also have God in their lives, so we all know, what that means — they were in the best hands possible.

Imagine the joy and jubilation these sisters shared while preparing for their trip and counting down the weeks, days and hours before their planned arrival in Paris. Oh what fun it must have been deciding on what to wear, what shoes to wear, what bags to carry, and how much makeup to bring. And then I can only imagine how exciting it must have been to plan the travel itinerary being sure to hit all of the major landmarks, but also including some downtime for just taking in the quiet beauty of this breathtaking city.

Kiana and Danielle are special to me. Their sisterly bond is unbreakable. When observing their career choices and the people with whom they associate, their standards are high and they are movers and shakers, role models and business-minded women. Having spent time in both the fashion and beauty industry it was only fitting that this destination would make their bucket list. And Kiana and Danielle did not disappoint while in Paris! They had their casual days and then they had their days when they were dressing for the fashion Gods!

Yes, these ladies take flights in stilettos!

After a whirlwind romance with fashion and culture in Paris, it was time to return stateside. They may have left Paris, but Paris and will forever be in their hearts.