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Welcome To My Blog: FlightsInStilettos™!


I used to be extremely disinterested in traveling simply because I had a fear of flying. A few laughs, great experiences and fun trips – later,  I have since changed my way of thinking and have increased my appetite for seeing new landscapes in and outside of my home country.  I was introduced to DreamTrips by my best friend and my mindset was changed regarding the affordability and access to travel for good! I actually became a member of DreamTrips.

Through this blog,  I will share my fantastic travel experiences (with my beloved spouse Julie and family)  and those experiences of close friends and extended family as well as other experiences that may include elements of travel, glamour, stilettos,  a bit of history and a lot of my personal opinions.

If you are interested in learning more about the world’s most exclusive travel and lifestyle club, visit FlightsInStilettos  for more information. Travel should be fun, fulfilling, full of adventure and glamorous!

I am no different from you, I just choose to see myself living my best life instead of standing by watching others!

I also choose to take Flights In Stilettos!




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