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Camille’s Summer Ended with a “BANG” in the Magnificent Maldives!

More and more millennials are investing in experiences instead of material things. Camille (in her early 30s) happens to fall into that category. I can appreciate this because life is about building memories. Six-months from now, will you remember where you were or what you were doing when summer 2018 ended? Without a doubt, Camille will.

A general conversation at work with Camille about work-life vs our dream life (LOL) resulted in Camille telling me about her upcoming trip. As a travel blogger, I was now all ears as I’m always listening out for information about travel experiences to share on my blog. So, I sat up and directed 100% of my attention to her because I was curious about what kind of trip Camille would be interested in. I will never forget — Camille stated in her proud voice “I’m going to the Maldives!”. I was elated and excited for her, I could see the anticipation in her eyes and in her body language. I especially knew that her upcoming trip was a much-needed vacation that we all need at times to relax, recharge and rejuvenate.


During this same conversation, I shared with Camille, that a close friend was traveling to the Maldives as well – as you might imagine, I started to think that the Maldives must be the “spot”. Why was I going to be at work and them in the Maldives LOL?? I decided at that moment that I wanted to know every little detail about Camille’s trip; with that in mind, I took the opportunity to introduce my blog to Camille.

A few text messages and emails later, it was confirmed — Camille agreed to share the details of her luxe vacation to the Maldives!

We corresponded about her trip immediately once she returned and I could tell that she experienced something absolutely amazing. I interviewed Camille about her trip and here’s what she had to say…

Where did you travel and during which season?
I traveled to the Maldives and stayed at Kandima, which is located on the Dhaalu Atoll. I traveled towards the end of September, which is the closeout of their rainy season/low season. High season for the Maldives has higher temperatures and attracts way more tourists.


How often do you travel?
I travel more domestically, but over the past year, I’ve made a commitment to myself to take at least one international trip per year. My goal is to eventually increase that goal and take 3 or more international trips per year!

What’s your travel style (casual, diva, like the natives, etc.)?
I would call my travel style “casual cute & chic” lol if that makes sense. Comfort is my number one priority when traveling. With any type of travel, walking is usually one of the main activities and my clothes must be movable and breathable!! I ensure my travel outfits are lightweight, easy to pack, but also super cute! While on my trips, I do like to purchase articles of clothing from the natives as a souvenir for myself.

What made you select this travel destination?
I have always heard of the Maldives as this beautiful tropical location and that was enough to convince me that I HAD to visit this island on my own. I would always see pictures of the over water bungalows on the internet and pristine blue water and it would always look so peaceful. I decided to take the plunge and go visit. Luckily the amazing reviews of Kandima easily convinced me that the Maldives is a MUST see destination. I am already planning my return trip!



What’s the one thing (attraction, architecture, natives, land, etc.) that you fell in love with while traveling?
The Maldivian people were so welcoming to me during my trip, that I instantly fell in love with their kindhearted souls. I felt so comfortable being an outsider in their beautiful country and they have truly taught me that amazing people exist everywhere!

Describe your absolute favorite meal while visiting this travel destination.
Oh my goodness, ALL of the food was amazing!!!! My favorite meal was at a restaurant called Smoked at the resort. Let me tell you, everything from this meal was delicious!! It included: truffle butter garlic cheese bread, cream of mushroom soup, prime rib, made to order mashed potatoes, and local green vegetables grown on the island. I don’t even want to know how many calories were in this meal…


What’s the one thing that you’d recommend that a traveler must do when they visit this destination?
When visiting the Maldives, all travelers must go snorkeling! There is so much marine life right beneath the surface I was so surprised. Between the vibrant fish and different coral structures, you must go diving to experience and see it all!

How did you learn about FlightsInStilettos, and what do you think about the brand?
I work with Kinyatta which is how I learned about FlightsInStilettos! I think the brand and concept is amazing! It is unique and very different from the other travel blogs I’ve come across via social media. The brand is super catchy! And I also know it caters to so many travelers! It has that unforgettable spark to do great things! Good Luck!!


If you’re into relaxation, exquisite cuisine and snorkeling, the Maldives might just be for you! It’s not a matter of if I’m going, it’s about when!  Camille’s trip has inspired me and I’m sure it will inspire you! Let’s go!

Until next time Maldives….

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Nothing Could Go Wrong In Hong Kong – Traveling With Alisha!

I’ve known Alisha for at least 10 years – we have worked together for most of those years. I found out very early in our friendship that she enjoyed traveling.

Back then I knew the kinds of trips I had in mind when people in my inner circled discussed traveling. By and large, the primary travel destinations of people (in my circle 10 years ago) consisted of Miami, Las Vegas, NY,  Atlantic City and Los Angeles.

So, one day, Alisha and I were chopping it up and we started to talk about her recent trip. Keep in mind, I wasn’t thinking about traveling globally 10 years ago – so I never considered the fact that others in my age range were, in fact, traveling globally.

I had already imagined where Alisha probably went for her “vacation”. So, I eagerly waited to hear all about her trip to Myrtle Beach!! But guess what, Alisha fixed her lips to tell me about her exotic 1 or 2-week vacation to Greece! In my mind, I was like “whaaaaattttt????” Greece was like a honeymoon vacation – surely not where young women would travel. So, after I secretly regained my composure, I played it cool, and was like, yeah — of course she went to Greece! Silly me…

It was in that moment, that I was reintroduced to Alisha, the avid traveler.

From that day to the present, I have shared that story with many people. And I always describe Alisha to people this way — ” remember the lady from my job who was planning to tell me about her trip and I assumed she was going to tell me about Myrtle Beach – when actually she traveled to Greece?” It’s a classic story.

Alisha traveled frequently to exotic destinations overseas. And since back then I was still afraid of long-distance flights, she agreed to also bring me back my beloved postcards. So between Donna’s postcards (which I hung up on my wall at work) and doing the same with Alisha’s postcards, it gave the illusion that I was the avid traveler! LOL

Fast forward to the present, Alisha traveled to Hong Kong. Yes, Hong Kong. 10 -15 years later, I’m still in awe of her travel destinations.

While in Hong Kong, Alisha visited the Big Buddha and the Tai O Fishing Village which she says is a “must see” attraction. It requires riding the big lift to get there.



Her favorite meal was a cheap bowl of noodle soup from a food stand. I love a good noodle soup so I would have been in heaven.

Part of being an avid traveler means that you’re open to accepting different cultural experiences — even the food. I have always been impressed with how Alisha never hesitated to try something completely undesired by the western palette.

Alisha’s travel style is spontaneous and experimental — again being an avid traveler, she’s very open to experiencing life and traditions of the local culture.

Without a doubt, Alisha will continue to satisfy her appetite for global travel and one day soon, I will accept her invitation.

Until next time Hong Kong…


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Welcome To My Blog: FlightsInStilettos™!


I used to be disinterested in traveling simply because I had a fear of flying. A few laughs, great experiences and fun trips – later,  I have since changed my way of thinking and feeling and I now look forward to a few trips annually.

I consider myself an occasional traveler opposed to an avid traveler (someone that travels at least 5 times or more a year).

I was introduced to a travel club called DreamTrips by my best friend and my mindset was changed regarding the affordability and access to travel.  I actually became a member of DreamTrips.

At the same time I joined DreamTrips, my blog FlightsInStilettos was also born in a effort to share my fantastic travel experiences (with my beloved spouse Julie and family)  and travel experiences of others which often times include may include elements of glamour, stilettos, a bit of history and traveler recommendations.

MyFly Bag Personalized Carry-On

Travel should be  relaxing, fun, fulfilling, full of adventure and glamorous!

Everyone has their own unique personal travel style – mine just happens to include stilettos and lots of sparkly things! LOL

I also choose to take Flights In Stilettos!