Strictly Stilettos

My love and obsession with the stiletto are real! I have always worn stilettos from as far back as I can remember.

On this page, I’ll share pictures of some of my favorite stilettos/designers.

In the late 90s, I can recall going to Baker’s shoe store in the mall and shopped until I dropped. Back then, that was the place to shop for trendy heels. That was my spot and you could not tell me anything different.

Then there was Aldo’s. Oh my goodness, I loved Aldo’s boots, heels, and even their accessories. As time went on and my taste started to evolve and as I began to explore designer stilettos, my first pair of designer stilettos were a pair of Gucci pumps, which I still have at this very moment. From that day forward, my thirst for designer stilettos has been insatiable. I have been known to buy shoes before clothes and I have been known to buy one pair of shoes in every single color! And when we’re talking Christian Louboutin high heels, the cost adds up! But everyone of us has that thing that’s synonymous with our name. For some women it’s their beautifully manicured fingernails, for another it may be her perfectly sculpted eyebrows, and for some women, it could be their handbags. For me, it’s my love of wearing high heels. Even at work, from Security guards to the Cafeteria staff members – everyone recognizes my love of beautiful sexy high heels…oh yes, I wear them to work. But I do have my daytime stilettos and my evening stilettos and my weekend stilettos. I’m going to enjoy every remaining moment that I have to wear my stilettos, I get so much joy in doing so!

Standing tall and stepping sexy is the only way!

Christian Louboutin pumps on my Wedding Day!
Louboutin on my wedding day


First pairs of Gucci heels (these are vintage now)



I love these Cinderella slippers by Jessica Rich!
Jimmy Choo
Sophia Webster
Louboutin (Jenner wore the same shoes to the Golden Globes)
Louboutin Boots
Donna & I at Brunch (Louboutin)
Sophia Webster
Diamond showing off her heels on my wedding day
Gianvitto Rossi
Kin_Pink Shoes
Sophia Webster