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Debra’s Peace-Seeking Journey to Costa Rica

I can remember very clearly when my friend Debra shared with me that she was traveling to Costa Rica.   I was so excited to learn this because this was one of the destinations I had also considered. My very next question to Debra was, “who are your taking with you?” To which she replied “No one, I’m taking the trip by myself. It would be nice to have a travel companion, but I don’t and I want to go to Costa Rica.” In that moment, I thought about the many occasions I put limitations on my own life because there was no one to share an adventure, occasion or event with. Debra became my “she-ro”. I had gained a new perspective of my friend and a new found respect for any individual who is comfortable and secure enough to enjoy their own company. And make no mistake, this was not your average weekend getaway, this was a two-week, pure luxury, pure tranquil, pure peaceful escape from the daily routine of the typical American way of life.

Wake up. Traffic. Work. Traffic. Repeat.

Debra strives to take at least two trips per year, and yes, this diva also takes her flightsinstilettos!

While in Costa Rica, Debra luxuriated at the El Mangroove, which is a luxurious, all-inclusive resort boasting suites, fine dining and world class views from every room in the resort. Her time was spent relaxing, rejuvenating, reflecting, praying and mentally detaching from life’s usual stressors. Debra returned fully recharged and as vibrant as ever!

In Debra’s spare time, she is an extremely talented interior designer who loves using vivid color palettes and making one of a kind custom floral arrangements.

Enjoy Debra’s pictures from her home away from home – the beautiful Costa Rica.

Costa Rica 12

Costa Rica1

Costa Rica 7

Costa Rica 17

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Donna and Paul – Global Jet Setters Taking Over London in Style!

You will without doubt see an extraordinary amount of pictures on this blog of my best friend Donna and her full of life husband – Paul, better known as “Mr. Put em in the System.”  This is an inside joke, and an inside nickname based on his tenacity and pursuit of helping everyday people just like you to find fun, fulfillment and adventure by joining the most exclusive travel and lifestyle club, DreamTrips. Donna and Paul have traveled the world extensively via their DreamTrips membership. For one year straight, it was hit or miss when I tried calling  Donna for brunch dates!  And forget sending e-mails to her at work, I’d always receive her out-of-office automatic reply! If she wasn’t flying to Dubai, she was in Amsterdam and after that it was jetting off to Paris and the list goes on and on! She has lived up to her handle, Globaljetsetter! To date, she is the most well-traveled person that  I know of in my circle, and the person who has traveled the world in the shortest amount of time due to DreamTrips – I am pretty sure they’ve set some traveling world records! Many of her friends have watched her Instagram posts showing all of the splendor of world travel and have decided to join the club.  Others are still watching, hoping one day that they too will have an opportunity to travel beyond their home state.

You truly have to imagine yourself as a vacationer, a person worthy of leisure and relaxation and enjoyment out of life. Sure, we all have to earn a living, pay our bills,  and put our children through college  – but we also have to enjoy the life that we have been given and find meaning in the many things surrounding us. Some people have a yearning to go beyond their home state, and even their country and explore the world. Others, don’t have that yearning – and that’s okay. But just do something with your life that adds excitement, adventure, joy and fulfillment and by all means, as Julie and I have done, and as Donna and Paul has demonstrated, change your mindset and see yourself as worthy of being a vacationer enjoying a life of leisure. With proper planning,  traveling  is more affordable than you ever thought!  I know of  a situation when a child was 18 YEARS OLD before he or she had ever even flown in an airplane! If nothing else, expose your children to something outside of their community and give them an opportunity to learn about the bigger world around them.

For more information about DreamTrips, visit my website at FlightsInStilettos .





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Welcome To My Blog: FlightsInStilettos™!


I used to be disinterested in traveling simply because I had a fear of flying. A few laughs, great experiences and fun trips – later,  I have since changed my way of thinking and feeling and I now look forward to a few trips annually.

I consider myself an occasional traveler opposed to an avid traveler (someone that travels at least 5 times or more a year).

I was introduced to a travel club called DreamTrips by my best friend and my mindset was changed regarding the affordability and access to travel.  I actually became a member of DreamTrips.

At the same time I joined DreamTrips, my blog FlightsInStilettos was also born in a effort to share my fantastic travel experiences (with my beloved spouse Julie and family)  and travel experiences of others which often times include may include elements of glamour, stilettos, a bit of history and traveler recommendations.

MyFly Bag Personalized Carry-On

Travel should be  relaxing, fun, fulfilling, full of adventure and glamorous!

Everyone has their own unique personal travel style – mine just happens to include stilettos and lots of sparkly things! LOL

I also choose to take Flights In Stilettos!







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Atlantis Cove Bahamas – One of our faves!

If there is one destination that we would return to over and over again, it is Atlantis Cove in the Bahamas. Hands down, it is a swanky, sexy resort less than 6 hours away from Washington, DC! Obviously, getting to the Bahamas is a breeze. The locals are super friendly and I have found them to be warm and accepting of a diverse clientele. Atlantis Cove is for the discriminating guest with lots of extra cash on hand! It is a modern, high end resort with high end imminities and top notch customer service.  While there, lounging poolside, we saw Nicole Murphy, Eddie Murphy’s wife. So, this just let’s you know that this location is akin to the playground for the rich on the East Coast. The sea green water and the white sandy beaches are a huge draw. But if you’re not feeling the beach, there are a number of pools at the Cove where you can order food and drink until your heart is content.  We didn’t really venture out off of the resort to explore the night life, that’s not our thing, but I would hope that it is both safe and fun. The accommodations were equally amazing! With a luxurious jacuzzi and beach and poolside views from almost every room, every wish was indulged. There’s a great selection of restaurants and shops within the resort and not to mention a few high end shops in the local shopping district. I love Atlantis Cove for so many reasons and I can’t wait to return! This is my tried and true favorite (not so far away) vacation spot.

Atlantis Cove Bahamas



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Puerto Vallarta – Hard Rock!

Traveling to Puerto Vallarta to celebrate my 1 year wedding anniversary and a milestone birthday was glorious! We’d wanted to take a DreamTrip for years and now was the time to do it! DreamTrips is an exclusive travel /lifestyle club that I had heard of but largely avoided due to a lack of education on the matter and quite frankly due to lack of seeing myself as a vacationer. My best friend had long joined this club and had traveled the world, well — while I was at work complaining of a lack of fun, enjoyment and adventure in life.  The day came, I finally listened to my best friend and booked this trip. Afterall, an anniversary and a birthday are legit reasons to travel, right? The reservation process was flawless, and traveling to Puerto Vallarta was a breeze.

Due to being a part of the travel club, all that I needed to do was pack and show up at the designated locations and times! After making my own flight arrangements, DreamTrips handled everything else from my ground transportation to lodging and excursions.  The Hard Rock at Puerto Vallarta was fantastic!  The staff and accommodations met my expectations. All that I kept thinking about is that I could not believe that we had paid so little for so much!  Upon our arrival, we were greeted by a DreamTrips representative who made sure that we were clear on our itinerary for the week. Followed that was a wonderful reception with great food and drinks and it was an opportunity for us to connect with other club members vacationing via DreamTrips.  We did a number of fun and relaxing activities at the all-inclusive resort from laying poolside sipping mudslides, to walking on the beach to romantic dinners and even whale watching on the DreamTrip coordinated excursion.  It was a wonderful experience and my best friend (along with her husband) joined us to boot! It’s not a matter of if we’ll take another DreamTrip, it’s when. If you’re interested in more information about the world’s most exclusive travel  and lifestyle club, please visit my website at: . I’d love to see you on the next DreamTrip!Flyer2





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