About FlightsInStilettos™


Kinyatta Gray, Creator and CEO of FlightsInStilettos, LLC

Who is Kinyatta Gray?

Born in Washington, DC, Kinyatta created a travel blog called FlightsInStilettos for readers looking for information and first-hand accounts of global travel experiences – as reported by travelers interviewed by Kinyatta. The blog name: “FlightsInStilettos” was always considered “cute” and “catchy” by anyone learning of its existence and immediately a logo was established to represent FlightsInStilettos.

After being encouraged by a friend, Kinyatta created the brand FlightsInStilettos™ in January 2018 based on her real-life travel style – wearing stilettos through the airport. Kinyatta has always been considered a glamour-girl, who possesses style, grace and class therefore; FlightsInstilettos is simply an extension of her magnetic personality.

Kinyatta launched her business, FlightsInStilettos, LLC in March 2018 and offers practical travel-inspired accessories and tank tops with a touch of “glam”.

In a short period of time, Kinyatta has gained visibility through various radio station interviews and promotions (MAJIC 102.3 & 92.7 and NewsTalk 95.9), a full- page feature in Fashion GXD Magazine (June 2018), promoted by Celebrity-stylist powerhouse Pilar Scratch and global fashion influencer Chicamastyle.

When Kinyatta isn’t building her brand and business, she works fulltime as a Senior Program Manager for the federal government.  Kinyatta is married to Julie and has two adult children.



I don’t wear sneakers to the airport, I wear designer stilettos and thus my handle – FlightsInStilettos!

If you’d like to share your story of glamour, travel and of course wearing your fabulous stilettos, you may send me an email at flightsinstilettos@gmail.com or contact me through the Contact page on this blog.

Thank you for stopping by my blog! See ya on a FlightInStilettos!