Daily Reflections for Today


It's Time to Look in the Mirror and Take Good Care of the Person Looking Back at You! Yes, YOU!

Caring for Every Inch of You is a guided journal that to helps you take care of your well-being. Daily Reflections for Today.

Often, we have many obligations to take care of others, whether it's a spouse, aging parents, children, or even a demanding career. As a result, we feel valued and needed when caring for others and often don't factor in that we need self-care and self-love too!

Self-care is not selfish. You may feel guilty at times for looking inward at your needs and addressing them. But keep in mind, you can't pour from an empty cup, and isn't it ideal to offer the best of you and not what's left of you? 

Caring for Every Inch of You offers:

  • Examples of Self-love 
  • Examples of Self-care Activities 
  • Space for expressing gratitude 
  • Space for creating your self-care vision board 
  • Space for planning 30-days of Self-care activities
  • Space for daily guided self-reflection, and 
  • Space for additional thoughts and feelings. 

You are worthy and deserve the best of you!

Take your time and think about what steps you're taking now to preserve yourself and how you can commit to showing up as your best self every day. 

Practicing self-love and self-care takes time; however, if you commit to doing one self-love/care activity each day, those small changes will make a significant impact on your life.


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