60-Day Self Reflection Journal


Some people assume that men don't have feelings, and that's simply not true. From a young age, many men are taught to be strong, stoic, and showing emotion is a sign of weakness and out of character of male identity.

Part of what makes us human is our ability to feel and process emotions. When we feel joy, we smile; when we feel pain, we naturally cry; when we are excited, we sprint out of our chairs!

When we suppress our feelings and emotions, we create conditions that could lead to mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. 

Men have a right to express their feelings freely.

Use this journal as a tool and safe space to reflect, give gratitude, and monitor your feelings and emotions.

Practicing gratitude helps you recognize and appreciate the goodness and kindness in your surroundings.

MEN HAVE FEELINGS TOO is a guided 60-Day Self Reflection Journal, Self-Care, and Gratitude Journal for men that offers:

  • Space for thoughts about family, career, entrepreneurship, and your spouse/significant other
  • Space for 60-days of guided self-reflection
  • Space for tracking 30-days of self-care activities
  • Space for describing yourself in 30 words
  • Space for thoughts about your legacy
  • S gratitude checklist, and 
  • 7-days of gratitude

Whether you're gifting this journal to someone or purchasing it for yourself, you're taking a significant step toward improving the quality of someone's life and emotional well-being.


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