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She Did It! Nerisa’s Journey to Becoming a Flight Attendant

Did you know that according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics that there are currently over 119,000 working Flight Attendants (FA)?  The highest number of Flight Attendants  reside in the state of Texas — 16, 310 to be exact.


Flight Attendants help ensure the safety and comfort of passengers on airline flights. Their important job goes beyond serving food and drinks. Most of their responsibilities are mandated by federal law. Flight attendants instruct passengers on safety procedures, like how and when to use the plane’s seat belts, and how to use oxygen masks and exit the plane in an emergency. Before each flight, attendants make sure all necessary equipment and supplies are available on board. Flight attendants may also perform first aid and deal with any other problem that occurs during a flight.

I’m so impressed with this career field that I made it my mission to seek out a new Flight Attendant to interview because I wanted to know what it was like for them to choose this career and what that very first flight (after training) was like.

That’s where Nerisa of Burlington, Kentucky comes in. I met Nerisa by chance via social media and was thrilled when I had learned that she had recently embarked on her career as a Flight Attendant. I felt even more honored that she accepted my invitation to be interviewed for my blog. I was finally getting the opportunity (firsthand) to learn about her experiences becoming a new Flight Attendant.

Here’s what Nerisa had to say, during our interview…

How long have you worked as a Flight Attendant and for which airline?
Two months with PSA Airlines/American Eagle

What made you choose this career path?
Growing up in Jamaica, I’ve always wanted to be Flight Attendant (FA), the whole demeanor that comes with the position; prestige and class. In high school, there was a teacher that said to me, “FAs are merely waitresses in the air.” I was so heartbroken, my brother, Dave, then told me I can be the best at whatever I choose to be. This lifted my spirit. Eighteen years later — BOOM! I landed my dream job. (In your face teacher)

What was the most difficult part about Flight Attendant training?
Just the thought of not passing the training. It was nerve wrecking! ‘Emergency Procedures’ were really the hardest sections, so much to memorize in such a short time. I loved the shouting part of it, reminded me of cheerleading days. It took a lot of practice.


Describe your very first flight in your new role as a Flight Attendant after training?
During my very first flight I was super nervous, I worked for the FWD/1st Class. The person that was scheduled to work with me didn’t show up, I ended up working with a really nice guy. My first class passengers were great. I learned so much during that trip, the other FA poured out a wealth of knowledge. I now look forward to going to work.

What’s the wildest thing that you have experienced in flight with a passenger?
Hahaha, one night we were flying and I was working the AFT/main cabin. During the flight, a lady approached me stating that she would like to speak with me privately. She expressed her concerned, that a young man was trying to open the overwing exit. I noticed he had changed his seat to the exit row without permission; it wasn’t a full flight. She was like he’s fidgeting and using his cell phone. I told her thanks for the information. I was scared, but I kept my composure. I kept saying in my head I’m not ready to die. I brought it to the attention of the other FA and he said: “Just go ahead and brief him, it may not be anything.” I briefed him and then realized he had asked for a blanket earlier. He was just cold, hence the fidgeting. He wasn’t trying to open the exit windows. It was more of racial profiling.

What do you like about the brand “FlightsInStilettos”?
Everything!!!! It’s so classy and believe me, one of my favorite words are ‘Stilettos’. I love what the brand stands for; bringing back style into traveling. I remember in 2006, that’s all I was about when traveling.


What’s the best piece of advice you’d offer to someone wanting a career as a Flight Attendant?
Make sure that this is what you want. You have to do your research, research the company you want to work for, its pay, the benefits, where they are based, etc. You have to love flying, this is more than a job it’s a lifestyle. The 1st year is the toughest when it comes to your paycheck.

After I completed this interview I actually felt enlightened about this career field. What resonated most is the story about the passenger thinking that a passenger who was simply cold was up to something much more nefarious. We encourage American to say something if they see something, but it must be very hard when you’re NOT seeing what you think that you are. Nerisa, as a new FA, experienced fear, but I’m so glad that she could recall her previous interaction with the passenger in question and as a result could connect the dots. Before that happened, I know that this was a frightening time for this new FA.

Without a doubt, Nerisa has grit, dedication, and perseverance — she will excel in this career. Remember her face, because she may be serving you on your very next flight. And as you see — this Flight Diva — takes FlightsInStilettos!


Until next time…

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Camille’s Summer Ended with a “BANG” in the Magnificent Maldives!

More and more millennials are investing in experiences instead of material things. Camille (in her early 30s) happens to fall into that category. I can appreciate this because life is about building memories. Six-months from now, will you remember where you were or what you were doing when summer 2018 ended? Without a doubt, Camille will.

A general conversation at work with Camille about work-life vs our dream life (LOL) resulted in Camille telling me about her upcoming trip. As a travel blogger, I was now all ears as I’m always listening out for information about travel experiences to share on my blog. So, I sat up and directed 100% of my attention to her because I was curious about what kind of trip Camille would be interested in. I will never forget — Camille stated in her proud voice “I’m going to the Maldives!”. I was elated and excited for her, I could see the anticipation in her eyes and in her body language. I especially knew that her upcoming trip was a much-needed vacation that we all need at times to relax, recharge and rejuvenate.


During this same conversation, I shared with Camille, that a close friend was traveling to the Maldives as well – as you might imagine, I started to think that the Maldives must be the “spot”. Why was I going to be at work and them in the Maldives LOL?? I decided at that moment that I wanted to know every little detail about Camille’s trip; with that in mind, I took the opportunity to introduce my blog to Camille.

A few text messages and emails later, it was confirmed — Camille agreed to share the details of her luxe vacation to the Maldives!

We corresponded about her trip immediately once she returned and I could tell that she experienced something absolutely amazing. I interviewed Camille about her trip and here’s what she had to say…

Where did you travel and during which season?
I traveled to the Maldives and stayed at Kandima, which is located on the Dhaalu Atoll. I traveled towards the end of September, which is the closeout of their rainy season/low season. High season for the Maldives has higher temperatures and attracts way more tourists.


How often do you travel?
I travel more domestically, but over the past year, I’ve made a commitment to myself to take at least one international trip per year. My goal is to eventually increase that goal and take 3 or more international trips per year!

What’s your travel style (casual, diva, like the natives, etc.)?
I would call my travel style “casual cute & chic” lol if that makes sense. Comfort is my number one priority when traveling. With any type of travel, walking is usually one of the main activities and my clothes must be movable and breathable!! I ensure my travel outfits are lightweight, easy to pack, but also super cute! While on my trips, I do like to purchase articles of clothing from the natives as a souvenir for myself.

What made you select this travel destination?
I have always heard of the Maldives as this beautiful tropical location and that was enough to convince me that I HAD to visit this island on my own. I would always see pictures of the over water bungalows on the internet and pristine blue water and it would always look so peaceful. I decided to take the plunge and go visit. Luckily the amazing reviews of Kandima easily convinced me that the Maldives is a MUST see destination. I am already planning my return trip!



What’s the one thing (attraction, architecture, natives, land, etc.) that you fell in love with while traveling?
The Maldivian people were so welcoming to me during my trip, that I instantly fell in love with their kindhearted souls. I felt so comfortable being an outsider in their beautiful country and they have truly taught me that amazing people exist everywhere!

Describe your absolute favorite meal while visiting this travel destination.
Oh my goodness, ALL of the food was amazing!!!! My favorite meal was at a restaurant called Smoked at the resort. Let me tell you, everything from this meal was delicious!! It included: truffle butter garlic cheese bread, cream of mushroom soup, prime rib, made to order mashed potatoes, and local green vegetables grown on the island. I don’t even want to know how many calories were in this meal…


What’s the one thing that you’d recommend that a traveler must do when they visit this destination?
When visiting the Maldives, all travelers must go snorkeling! There is so much marine life right beneath the surface I was so surprised. Between the vibrant fish and different coral structures, you must go diving to experience and see it all!

How did you learn about FlightsInStilettos, and what do you think about the brand?
I work with Kinyatta which is how I learned about FlightsInStilettos! I think the brand and concept is amazing! It is unique and very different from the other travel blogs I’ve come across via social media. The brand is super catchy! And I also know it caters to so many travelers! It has that unforgettable spark to do great things! Good Luck!!


If you’re into relaxation, exquisite cuisine and snorkeling, the Maldives might just be for you! It’s not a matter of if I’m going, it’s about when!  Camille’s trip has inspired me and I’m sure it will inspire you! Let’s go!

Until next time Maldives….

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Black Flight Attendants USA…Serving You in the Friendly Skies with a Side of “Slay”

I was completely infatuated when I came across BlackFlightAttendantsUSA via Instagram. This page satisfied my every curiosity about what it’s like working as a Flight Attendant. I’ve always considered this profession to be amongst the most elite professions, so to discover that there was a collection of imagery of some of the most stylish and professional African-American Flight Attendants in the business, I had to learn more about the founder of this page and her motivation for launching BlackFlightAttendantsUSA on Instagram. I think you’ll be inspired by this interview.

I must admit, after meeting a number of Flight Attendants over the last couple of months and hearing their stories, I have truly been rethinking my career choice! I love to fly, and I think that I “slay”, so, I really may look into it!

I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Samantha F. Middleton of Memphis, Tennessee to learn more about Black Flight Attendants USA, and here’s what she had to say…

Samantha F. Middleton, BlackFlightAttendantsUSA

How long have you worked as a Flight Attendant and for which airline?
I’ve been a flight attendant for 3 years and I currently fly for Envoy Airlines.

What made you choose this career path?
I became a flight attendant because of my friend Jordan Courtney. She seemed to be having a ton of fun and I wanted to try it. I wasn’t serious at first and didn’t get it but my good friend Valerie was very persistent about me becoming a Flight Attendant (FA) so I tried again and I got the job.


When did you launch Black Flight Attendants USA, and why?
Black Flight Attendants USA was launched September 29, 2016, and It was originally created because when I became an FA I would send my pics to the other FA pages and they would never post me. I thought they wouldn’t post me cause I wasn’t putting on my best so then I started “SLAYING” the game at work and they still would never post me. So I decided to create my own a space for people who looked like me could “slay”.


What’s the most challenging aspect of working as a Flight Attendant? The most challenging thing about being an FA for me was training (lol just kidding) but it affects your relationships on every level. Some people don’t really understand the job and because of that, you lose a lot of people.

As a Flight Attendant, how did you hear about FlightsInStilettos and what do you like about the brand?
The first time I heard about the brand I was scrolling through Instagram and saw them because the page used one of the hashtags I was following one of the things I love about the brand is the empowerment of women who travel all while looking sexy!!!

What’s the best piece of advice you’d offer to someone wanting a career as a Flight Attendant? The best advice I could give to anyone who is interested in becoming an FA is do your research. Know exactly what you are signing up for. You are not just signing up for free travel — it’s more to it. So make sure you are aware of what you’re signing up for.

If my readers would like to follow BlackFlightAttendantsUSA via social media, what are all of your social handles?
Instagram: blackflightattendantsusa
Twitter : BFUSA1

This was such a delightful interview conducted immediately after Samantha’s flight landed. What resonates the most for me, (as I’m sure it will for you)  is that when Samantha didn’t see people who looked like her being represented on similar pages for Flight Attendants, and when her pics were not accepted for posting on other pages – she did what a true trailblazer would do — built a door, opened it and pushed that door wide open to accept others in. That’s what true leadership is.

I am so honored to have been able to meet Samantha and to expose her to my brand FlightsInStilettos and to expose YOU to BlackFlightAttendantsUSA!

Until next time…

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“Service with Slay!” Flight Attendant Shernay Davis Dishes About Her Career as a Flight Attendant…


Have you ever considered a career as a flight attendant? Are you in college and wondering what kind of career could offer you a great salary while allowing you to do that one thing you enjoy – which is traveling? Are you a parent having conversations with your children about career opportunities and you know that your child isn’t the kind of person that wants to sit behind a computer all day? Are you at a point in your own life where you’re looking to make a career change and always wondered what it was like to be a Flight Attendant? Well, this blog post might shed some light for you and hopefully get you on your way to your new career!


I was thrilled to meet millennial Flight Attendant Shernay Davis of Miami, FL. We became acquainted through her fondness of my brand FlightsInStilettos.  Millennials have many career opportunities, so when they choose occupations such as this one, (working in the sky is not a piece of cake, it takes grit, patience and a high sense of adventure) – I had to know from her experience what it was like becoming a Flight Attendant. Not only is Shernay a Flight Attendant, she inspires others who may be interested in choosing this career path through a YouTube video blog which we will discuss later in the interview. I find it to be commendable that she’s willing to give back via her YouTube video blog by offering  sound advice to anyone looking to pursue a career as a Flight Attendant. Shernay could be doing a million and one other things with her time, but she chooses to inspire and uplift and for this, I am pleased to feature her on my blog. She’s also been an amazing person to collaborate with on her 1st ever Travel & Slay Give Away! Tune in to her YouTube video blog today for the announcement of the winner!


If I’ve got your attention, continue reading the interview that I conducted with Shernay about her career, I found it eye-opening, informative and exciting!

How old are you and in what city/state do you reside?
I am 26 yrs old, I currently reside in Fort Lauderdale, Florida but I’m from Atlanta, Georgia.

How long have you worked as a Flight Attendant?
I have always had a love of flying, I became a flight attendant about a year and a half ago.

What made you choose this career path?
Flying has been a passion of mine since I was in high school. I made other career choices that were successful but un fulfilling. At the end of 2016 I decided to leave my job as an aesthetician and chase my passion of flying. After months of research, applying and doing video interviews, I received a CJO (Conditional Job Offer) for the company I currently work and I haven’t looked back since.

What was the most difficult part about Flight Attendant Training?
Flight Attendant Training was 3 1/2 weeks of “the struggle is real” lol. It definitely prepared me for my new life style as a Flight Attendant. The hardest part to me was time management. I felt like my time was so limited. I wanted to make sure I used all my time wisely. Even with all the stress I still managed to fit a night life into my schedule. #flightattendantlife

What’s the wildest thing that you have experienced in flight with a passenger?
My wildest experience with a passenger was actually on a flight I wasn’t working. This was last year during hurricane season. I was assigned to work a trip to New Orleans. The flight back was canceled due to weather. My airline booked my crew on another carrier that still had flights going out. During take-off a women started to rush down the aisle. When she reached the exit row, which is where my crew and I were sitting; we told the women she needed to be seated immediately. Even though we weren’t working the flight we knew the woman had to be seated, she was endangering herself as well many other passengers. Right before the plane took off the women collapsed on top of me and one of my crew members. The women woke up before we reached 10,000 ft by this time the lead flight attendant (who was actually working the flight) was there ready to assist the women. The lady woke up with tears in her eyes. We asked her a series of questions to see how we could best help her. She replied “ I left my iPad at TSA and I need to get off the plane to go get it”. All of the flight attendants mouth drop as we couldn’t believe this women risked her safety and others for an iPad.

What do you like about the brand “FlightsInStilettos”?
I love how glamorous it is! I feel like people don’t get dressed up to fly anymore, I love that FlightsInStilettos is bringing that back!


What’s the best piece of advice you’d offer to someone wanting a career as a Flight Attendant?
Do your research. Use every resource to gather as much information as possible. Being Flight Attendant isn’t another job, it’s a lifestyle.

I understand that you have a YouTube channel, what is it about, and how can my readers find you on YouTube and what are your social media handles?
Yessss! My YouTube channel is FlybyNay. I vlog (video blog) my experiences as flight attendant, I give tips and advice to flight attendant hopefuls as well as giving passengers advice on how to better their flight experience. You can find me on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as FlybyNay.


Shernay, keep being the positive force that you are which is so needed in the world today. Continue to Travel & Slay…and remember when you fly with Shernay, you’re getting “Service With Slay!”

Until Next Time…..



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Look No Further..Your Next Travel Travel Destination Should Be With Yacht Week East Africa!

If you’re anything like me, eager to learn about the next best travel destinations and travel company — Look No Further! I was uber excited to discover Yacht Week East Africa after observing breathtaking taking photos taken by an avid traveler as he was experiencing his East African yacht adventure. How many of you (right now) are contemplating where you’ll travel next? Have you ever considered included sailing on a yacht as an option? Now close your eyes and think about sailing on a yacht in East Africa? Looks amazing, right?

East Africa.jpg

What is it that you want to experience the next time you travel? Is it culture? Entertainment? Exotic location? Amazing landscapes? Pristine beaches and sand? Friendly locals? Fantastic accommodations? Mouthwatering cuisine? Then continue reading…Yacht Week East Africa is a travel company that has something to offer that will satisfy every one of those desires.

East Africa6

Whether you’re an avid traveler or an occasional traveler, most of us dream of traveling to Africa at least once in our lifetime to experience the richness of the culture and to make a connection to the homeland that can only be experienced by traveling there.  And if you’re open to it — I’m pleased to share with you, my interview with Kelsy Horton, Founder, and Host of Yacht Week East Africa, to educate you on what Yacht Week East Africa has to offer. I asked Kelsy several exploratory questions in order to understand more about her company and why you should consider her company and East Africa for your next travel destination.

Exactly, what is Yacht Week East Africa; is this an excursion company or a full travel agency? Yacht Week East Africa is a travel company that combines our passion for sailing with our love for East African culture. It is an Afrocentric alternative to the traditional yachting/sailing companies that hold similar events in Europe.

Where is Yacht Week East Africa based? We have operations in Tanzania/Zanzibar and the Seychelles.

When did you launch this business and who is your ideal consumer? Yacht Week East Africa was launched in 2016. Our ideal consumer is open-minded, adventure-seeking, and most importantly, interested in exploring Africa.

What are some of the travel destinations that you’re promoting in East Africa and why should travelers consider this part of the world when planning their next travel destination? Currently, we’re promoting the Seychelles with its unparalleled beauty, beautiful beaches, and rich Creole culture. It’s also very peaceful and safe. Yacht Week East Africa provides an amazing experience in this unique and exotic location that is off of the beaten path.

Describe what a traveler would experience on a typical trip with Yacht Week East Africa? Is the entire trip at sea on a yacht? Guests from around the world travel to our event to experience two days of cultural and social activities on land before boarding yachts to embark on a seven-day sailing excursion along the beautiful backdrop of East Africa. Guests can travel solo or with a boat crew. There is a Captain that navigates the boat and a Cook that prepares the meals. Drinks, music, and daily activities add to the fun. There is a full itinerary with planned stops during which guests can disembark and explore.

How can travelers learn more about Yacht Week East Africa and book their next vacation? Travelers can visit us at or email us at for more information.

What are the dates and locations of upcoming Yacht Week East Africa trips? Travelers can experience Yacht Week East Africa in the Seychelles on any of the following dates in 2019: May 3rd – 12th; June 21st – 30th; August 30th – September 8th; October 11th – 20th.

If travelers are interested in following Yacht Week East Africa via social media, what are your social media handles? IG: @yachtweekea, FB:


What is the most important thing that you want travelers to know about your company and why should they care about Yacht Week East Africa? Yacht Week East Africa is For Us, By Us, and we Sail for the Culture.


Are you ready to take sail with Yacht Week East Africa? I know that I am! I feel very confident that this will be a memorable experience for anyone that is open to traveling to this exotic destination and experiencing something new, somewhere new. What are you waiting for? Book Now and be on your way to East Africa!

Until next time Yacht Week East Africa….

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We Loved Our Trip to the British West Indies Island – Turks & Caicos

Hands down, our trip to Turks & Caicos was the best (not that far away) island vacation ever. We admit to being “beach snobs”! I must see turquoise beach water and light sand in order to feel like I have truly retreated to an exotic location that appeals to all of my senses. Turks & Caicos did NOT disappoint.


Of course we traveled 1st class and booked world-class accommodations and stayed at the exclusive Grace Bay Resort. Grace Bay is one of the more affluent parts of the island. Rumor has it that a few weeks before our arrival, Tina Knowles (Beyoncé’s mom) stayed on the resort and lived it up in a lap of luxury as you might well imagine.

Upon our arrival at the resort by (private car) we received cooling towels and a choice of rum punch or fruit infused water. And don’t think for one minute that we stood in long “check-in” lines….not at all. We were seated in plush chairs, and the hotel staff walked back and forth to us with minimal paper work and other light administrative details.

While on the resort, we were assigned our own caretaker. He escorted us to our suite,  gave us a tour of the resort, made sure we had everything (before we knew ) we needed it and gave us a cellphone to call him on to ensure that he was at our beck and call.

To give you an example of the kind of attention we received, he booked as an excursion, and he knew approximately when we would be back. Two minutes after we arrived back at the resort, the doorbell rang and he had cool champagne and chocolate covered strawberries for us. Another example of being spoiled is when Julie wanted Lay’s potato chips — which were not available as a snack. Our caretaker walked to the nearest store (off the resort) and purchased us the Lay’s. Trust me, he went above and beyond during our stay — and for that we thanked him well.

We will return if for no other reason than to be treated with the attention, care and respect we received. I must also state that the locals, to include the staff , were the friendliest people I have every encountered on any Caribbean island. I found the locals to be very liberal  — we did not experience (not even a hint of bias) or discrimination as a same-sex couple. If anything we were treated like rock stars!


Ju turks6

The food, ambiance, the beach, the excursions and the resort and pool were all top-notch. By the way, there are no fast food restaurants on the island! We loved that! So, leave your cravings for fast food behind for freshly prepared meals and fine dining!

Turks & Caicos is also the playground for the rich! While there, we learned that Drake was on the island, and subsequently we learned that Floyd Mayweather and the gorgeous Nicole Murphy had visited the island after we left.

It’s not a matter of if we will return, it’s strictly about when. Do yourself a favor and visit Turks & Caicos – you will love it there!

Until next time Turks & Caicos.



Photo Credit: Brilliant Studios Turks & Caicos

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A Glimpse Into the Life of the Ultimate Glamorous Traveler (Emirates Airline Flight Attendant) Rosetter Tahnson

I have had the pleasure of interviewing a number of people who have traveled the world and have passport stamps that would rival the most avid travelers of them all.

This is by far the most exclusive interview that I have landed with the super fabulous Rossetter Requeller Adjoa Senah Tahnson, from Ghana who currently  resides in the United Arab Emirates’ city of Dubai. Yes, she LIVES in Dubai.


I met Rosetter via Instagram earlier this year.  She found me with my unique handle and business name FlightsInStilettos. Because of her love of all things glam and of course her obsession with stilettos, she was drawn to my Instagram page.

I have met many people with similar interests, but Rosetter really rises to the top.

She has it all, looks, charisma, intellect, culture, elegance and travels the world as a Flight Attendant for the most luxurious and prestigious airline of them all – Emirates.

My business theme song is “Glamorous” by Fergie. If you’re not familiar, here are a few lyrics:

We flying the first class
Up in the sky
Poppin’ champagne
Livin’ my life
In the fast lane
And I won’t change
For the glamorous, oh the flossy flossy

And now, I share this theme song with my glam sister, because it reminds me of her.
As you might imagine, working for one of the most prestigious airlines is both rewarding and challenging.

I asked Rosetter a number of questions to really get a sense of how she landed a career with the most sought-after airline, as well as other questions to explore her love of fashion, stilettos and her take on the most glamorous cities in the world. She of all people would know! LOL

It is very rare that I meet someone and feel like I’m looking in the mirror and or having a conversation with myself. Rosetter’s mannerisms, sophistication and extreme femininity remind me of myself – and that’s just fantastic.

The interview took place over the phone while Rosetter was in Tokyo.

When did you know that you wanted to travel the world working in one of the most respected professions – as a Flight Attendant?

As a little girl, (6 years old) my mom had a friend we popularly referred to as Aunt Sylvia, who was at the time a flight attendant. I was so fascinated by her way of life – glamour, that I decided to ‘be like her when I grow up’.

That was the beginning of the dream of my amazing lifestyle.

After high school, while I waited to go to university, I enrolled in an aviation college in Ghana, with the hope of becoming a flight attendant.

However after completion, my national carrier – Ghana Airways at the time was going through financial troubles, so I decided to stay in aviation and wait till things improved, so I could get my shot at that dream job.

Unfortunately, that did not happen, but I did not give up.
I carried on with my life, working with a travel management company, Travel King.

What led to your decision to work for Emirates and did you find the interview and selection process extremely competitive? What percentage of the Emirates Flight Attendants are of color?

A few years after working, the national carrier of Ghana finally became bankrupt and consequently collapsed.

Then came what you could call a replacement to the national carrier, called Ghana International Airlines! And here, I gave my dream job a shot and got accepted, so I started my flying career in 2006 as a flight attendant.

This was exciting but then, the company started having financial issues too, so I decided to ‘jump ship’.

All this while, Emirates started operations in Ghana and consequently started hiring from Ghana.

Emirates became the most iconic and glamorous airline in my opinion due to their flamboyant uniform and ever young and beautiful flight attendants. They were always elegant and stood out from all cabin crew! So I decided to be a part of that glamour and flamboyance!

I applied at Emirates, which at this time started operating in my city of Accra.
I got invited and made it to the final stage of the selection, but did not make it to Dubai on the first try. I knew and wanted to fly for Emirates so much, that I applied again for the second time.

My opportunity came on the third try, where I miraculously made it in August 2008.

The crew of color will easily be at least 30% of the total number. Of course, the selection criteria is rigorous as you would expect — extremely competitive.

The standards are so high as you would expect. The interview started in the morning and at each stage, there were eliminations. Out of about 200 applicants who were invited, only 8 of us received the ‘golden call’ (as its called).

What is the most challenging aspect of being a Flight Attendant?

The most challenging aspect of being a flight attendant to me will be the odd times of work.
It is a shift work, but our timings are out of this world.
You could wake up at the base (Dubai) for breakfast, have lunch halfway across the Atlantic and have your dinner after 16 hours when you land in San Francisco or Auckland in New Zealand!

This is how our life is, mostly because we have so many long-haul flights.

Who is the most famous person that you have serviced as an Emirates Flight Attendant?

I have had the pleasure of flying some of the worlds famous actors and actresses, but unfortunately, due to our company procedures, I am unable to name them, mainly because they do not want us to. (Some of my colleagues got into trouble for doing so).

Which city is your absolute favorite, in terms of people, culture, fashion and food?

My absolute favorite city has got to be Milan, even though Venice and Paris are also favorites.

There is this sense of belonging when I land in Milan because I call it the city of glam.

Everyone you meet is glamorously dressed in Milan! As you know, I like to be glamorous even when I go for breakfast. (Me too, Gosh she’s a true glam-sister)

The men wear nice shirts and shorts or pants, with good shoes.

The ladies – a nice dress or whatever they wear is fashionable.

You don’t run into people wearing flip-flops and looking shabby in Milan often. It is as if everyone got a memo at home to show up well dressed. (This resonated with me so much because there’s nothing that I despise more than the wearing of flip-flops as part of a woman’s attire).

Whether it’s pizza, pasta or lasagna, you’ll love it in Milan.

Just go downtown and get lost in the wonderful nature and experience the Italian culture.

As someone who travels the world, what are your top 3 favorite cities for shopping?

The Top 3 cities where I do not spare my credit card are London, New York, and Barcelona or Madrid.

London has everything from budget to high-end fashion, and you can really get fashionable items in your size, color and just be you.

Good old New York has its thing too if you take away the tax that you get slapped with at the checkout?

Madrid or Barcelona because they have great quality European made fashion at a very low price. Zara and Mango just to mention a few are all at a giveaway price here!

As a glamorous flight attendant, exactly how do you feel about wearing stilettos while in flight?

As a glamorous flight attendant, I would say I hate my court shoes for work because they are not stilettos.
Emirates has its own set of shoes for inflight and the ones we wear out of the aircraft.
They are unfortunately not stilettos, because we are multinational and they want us to be in uniform.
That is why I have my personal stilettos always packed and can’t wait to always slip into them.
I would totally love to wear them but we are not allowed to.

If there’s someone reading this blog who wants to pursue a career as a Flight Attendant, what best piece of advice would you offer anyone seeking to work for an elite airline such as Emirates?

My advice to anyone who would like to join the Emirates family is to be prepared and have a very open mind. Things change a lot around here because it is a multinational company and also has middle eastern culture incorporated in its running.

Thankfully, one will never feel like a ‘fish out of water’ here because you will find someone of the same background or belief.

Working with Emirates is absolutely rewarding, as long as you are willing to adjust to the culture here.

It is hot for the most part of the year, but amazing between October and February, subject to what nature decides.

Which shoe designer satisfies your very desire in stilettos?

Kurt Geiger and Christian Louboutin are my top favorites in the stilettos ‘department, however, I find great stuff at ‘Schuhs’, ‘Office’ (mostly found across the United Kingdom) Nine West and ‘Bebe’ too.

In short, if it’s a stiletto, and I find the right fit and color, I’m wearing it!

This interview gave me all the things I love, career goal achievement, ambition, travel to the most glam cities in the world, prestige, fashion and of course, a shared love of stilettos.

If you’re interested in following Rosetter on Instagram to see her fabulous pictures of her traveling the world, her Instagram handle is: @damme_senah_tahnson . She’ll be making a big announcement soon, so be sure to follow!

If you’re interested in being featured on my blog, send me an email at and follow me on Instagram @flightsinstilettos.

Until next time, Dubai….

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Ice Ice Iceland! Samantha Accomplished Her “Bucket List” Vacation to Iceland…

Over the last few years,  American travelers, especially Black-Americans have been traveling to Iceland in record numbers to learn more about the culture and to experience the country’s largest attractions such as the Blue Lagoon and Northern Lights. Iceland, a Nordic island nation, is defined by its dramatic landscape with volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and lava fields. Reykjavik is the capital city of Iceland with a population of over 350,000 people.

Samantha is one of those adventurous travelers that has actually created a “Travel Bucket List”. I absolutely love writing blogs about people who accomplish their bucket list goals because they are so much more enthusiastic about sharing their experiences and encouraging others to live life to experience new adventures, build (never to be forgotten) memories and educating yourselves about the world, beyond your local community.


Samantha and I chatted on hot summer day about her trip to Iceland. Below are my questions and her responses to my questions.

Would you consider yourself an avid traveler? Yes, I would absolutely consider myself an avid traveler! I believe in traveling to different places to understand cultures, experience new things internationally or domestically and all within a budget.

What made you decide to travel to Iceland? Visiting the Blue Lagoon has always been one of my desired experiences on my bucket list. The Blue Lagoon, what an experience!! It is an all-time picturesque place in Iceland!

Did you have any concerns traveling to a destination that isn’t accustomed to seeing Black-Americans? Did you feel comfortable going about your traveler business in Iceland? I did have concerns about visiting Iceland, but after doing some research, talking to friends and finally meeting the natives it felt so comfortable. The Icelanders are extremely nice and pleasant.


What was the most fascinating thing about your trip to Iceland? I was fascinated by how much African-American culture has influenced the natives. For example, walking around the airport and hearing Drake’s new album on replay, at full volume was amazing!

Describe your favorite meal while in Iceland. Iceland is known for its fresh fish…I couldn’t leave without having fish and chips!

What’s the best piece of advice that you wish you had received prior to traveling to Iceland? I wish I had known more about the value of Icelandic Krona vs the American dollar. Also, the water in Iceland is pure and fresh, totally drinkable… no need to buy bottled water!

So there you have it! Samantha and her friends thoroughly enjoyed the food, culture, attractions and the people of Iceland. If you’re interested in learning more about this destination visit: .

To learn more about Samantha Cole, visit her website: .


It was a pleasure speaking with Samantha and learning about her trip to Iceland and her future bucket list destinations!

Until next time Iceland…

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And They’ve Done It Again! Global Jetsetters Donna & Paul Traveled to the Exotic Croatia…

If you don’t already know Donna and Paul Scales, let me introduce you. You may have seen their incredible pictures from destinations all over the world. Does the handle “Global Jetsetter” ring a bell? Donna & Paul are living out any traveler’s dream — exploring the most exotic and exclusive destinations on earth. On many occasions, you will be at work – but will find these two in some far away land – wearing their Global Jetsetter branded apparel that includes their famous tagline “Where to Next?” That’s really not just a tagline — they really mean – Where to Next? LOL!

Within the last few years, traveling has become something that more African-Americans are doing in large and impressive numbers and visiting impressive and highly sought after destinations. These two have definitely made indelible and rich memories that will last a lifetime. Not to mention the education they’ve received that can only be achieved by seeing the world first hand. They have seen many things and can tell many stories – and because of this, they are qualified to educate others on how to achieve their dreams of global travel.

“Where To Next?” landed Donna & Paul in Croatia this year. Have you ever heard of Croatia? Moreover, have you ever considered traveling to Croatia? If you’re anything like me, I was immediately intrigued with their destination selection and wondered how many black and brown people would they see? Would they be safe, feel included and comfortable? On a rainy day, I had the pleasure of interviewing Donna about their trip to Croatia. Here are my questions and her responses to my questions about their trip to Croatia.

Would you consider yourself an avid traveler? Yes, I would consider myself an avid traveler these days at the age of 46. I first got the travel bug while dating my now husband when I was 22 years old. My first time flying was when he invited me to Las Vegas for a friend’s birthday celebration. At the time, I truly had no idea that Las Vegas was considered the “desert” but imagined palm trees and perhaps a beach … it was at that moment that I decided to educate myself on geographic locations in the United States. I’ve been traveling ever since and have visited 39 countries so far and counting.

What made you decide to travel to Croatia? That’s a great question! In all honesty, we decided on Croatia because it sounded like a great idea at the time of booking. We also knew that Dubrovnik is the filming location for HBO’s hit series, Game of Thrones. Once we booked it and I began to do more research, I discovered Croatia is so much more than the Game of Thrones set. The photos of clear blue water, stunning sunsets, and medieval architecture REALLY peaked my interest, and the excitement started to build.

Did you have any concerns traveling to a destination that isn’t accustomed to seeing Black-Americans? Not at all. When traveling we make it a point to read the travel advisories issued by U.S. Department of State. We also register all of our international travel with Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, which is a free service that allows U.S. citizens traveling abroad to enroll with the local U.S. Embassy or Consulate. A Visa was not required for us to travel to Croatia, which for us, was our green light!

Did you feel comfortable going about your traveler business in Croatia? While visiting Croatia, the people we made contact with were very genuine and very proud! Some of the things we conversed about with the locals was tourism, historic events, the economy, and sports such as basketball, tennis, and soccer which is a commonality amongst our 2 countries. English was the language spoken at all restaurants and points of interest; they also have Uber in Dubrovnik as with most major big cities which made getting around really convenient and easy.


What was the most fascinating thing about your trip to Croatia? WOW! The easy answer would be everything! We spent 8 days there where we did and saw so much. In addition to the beautiful beaches, food, people and touristy things we did, what we recorded mentally is Croatia has over 1,000 islands along the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea. Most are small and inhabitable, but what’s sketched in memory is that the pure white limestone for the White House in Washington, DC and other well know world structures came from the island of Brac. Brac Island is known for the famous and crowded white pebble Zlatni Rat beach, often named a top beach in Europe. We didn’t visit Brac Island but I could imagine how beautiful it must be. When it comes to travel, we love exploring and taking photos with beautiful architecture as a backdrop. We now know where the stones came from for our very own gem in the United States which can now be a topic of discussion because of our visit to Croatia. One of my favorite quotes is “The best education I have ever received was through travel.” by Lisa Ling.

I also didn’t know that Croatia was known for its grape growing region which rivals that of Italy and/or California’s Napa Valley! We stayed on Korcula Island (pronounced kor-chula) for 5 days which is best known for its white wines, but they had delicious red wines as well. We explored many vineyards and sampled local wines (Grk, Posip, Rukatac (Marastina) and Plavac Mali), and other local products such as wild herbs and traditional soaps, marmalades, brandy, liquors, and olive oil. We even enjoyed a cooking class where were made tradition Dalmatian pastries from scratch using local products.

Describe your favorite meal while in Croatia. It’s a toss-up between the pasta and seafood; both of which are my favorite cuisine. The pasta was always fresh with various sauces and they offered various types of white fish. Another popular dish in Croatia was Octopus Salad, which I bravely sampled, and Dalmatian prosciutto; a cured meat product made from fresh pork (ham) with bone. The ham is salted with sea salt, smoked and matured for no less than 12 months. It’s also a product protected with a geographical origin indicator. I haven’t eaten pork in 4 years. When the restaurant owner and chef of the establishment we frequented while in Korcula gifted us with Dalmatian prosciutto as an appetizer, out of respect for his generosity, I sampled … actually ate quite a bit of it and I’m glad that I did!


What’s the best piece of advice that you wish you had received prior to traveling to Croatia? Since we didn’t know anyone that has visited Croatia, the best advice I can give to anyone traveling from the United States is to thoroughly research your travel options. We were able to save $700 roundtrip per person by booking a roundtrip ticket to Amsterdam from the United States; and a roundtrip ticket to Dubrovnik from Amsterdam. Give yourself ample time in between landings times as you’ll need to clear immigration and customs in Amsterdam (or whichever European country you fly into). We also didn’t know the travel time and travel route to Korcula Island. Once we arrived in Dubrovnik, it was 2-hour scenic ride to Orebic … and the views were absolutely breathtaking! Once we arrived in Orebic we took a 15-minute ferry ride to Korcula Island where we witnessed the most beautiful sunset from the water. Upon our arrival on Korcula Island, it was a 45-minute ride to get to the other side of the island. So as you can imagine, that was a lot of travel time that we didn’t anticipate while the excitement about Croatia was brewing; we just knew we were going. My dear friend Kinyatta Gray has always said that I’m the type that’ll “act now and think about it later.” So, on Day 5, to turn our travel dilemma around for the best experience possible while in Croatia, we decided to leave Korcula Island to spend the last 3 days in Dubrovnik. In Dubrovnik, we got to spend a lot of time in Old Town, also known as King’s Landing from HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones, where we booked a Game of Thrones tour. We got to dine at some of the best restaurants Dubrovnik has to offer including the Panorama Restaurant & Bar, which can only be reached by cable car. At an altitude, the restaurant offers a spectacular view of the Old City and a wider area of amazingly beautiful landscapes. We also enjoyed Dubrovnik nightlife, including partying in a CASTLE … I mean a freaking Castle … also known as Culture Club Revelin; a phenomenal experience in itself! Croatia is certainly a place to put on your bucket list!


I know that you recently launched your own brand of travel-inspired shirts and accessories. Tell me what inspired you to launch the brand, and how can my readers find Global Jetsetter products? Global Jetsetter became my Instagram handle in 2014 when I began to travel more frequently. I thought it was a cool handle, or as people now say a “dope” handle. In 2017, a friend of ours started a travel and lifestyle line of their own with statement tees. When asked if they could create one for GLOBAL JETSETTER, but they never got around to it. Fast forward to February 2018 with the strong push and genuine encouragement of a very dear friend, supportive family members and my travel community, I took a leap of faith and launched my own brand, Global Jetsetter, for occasional and avid travelers worldwide. Travel is my passion, so the brand aligns with exactly who I’ve become over the past few years. Please visit our online store at Stay booked and safe travels to wherever your next journey takes you!

As this amazing interview concluded, I really had chills running down my spine, Donna’s reflection on their trip and the many sights and sounds they experienced certainly was both motivational, inspirational and once in a lifetime.

I am so proud to know this loving couple who have inspired me and hundreds of others to live, travel and see the world while you can. And folks, a Dreamtrip with Donna & Paul was the catalyst for FlightsInStilettos. I love this couple.

Until next time Croatia…

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50 States, My Son and Creating #Lunchbox Chronicles: Raising a Conscious Black Boy in America


I am always interested in stories about women who are movers and shakers, who push themselves to achieve success while balancing the demands of life and by all accounts, are indeed trailblazers.

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Tai Hall, a mom, multiple business owner, best-selling author of : “#Lunchbox Chronicles: Raising a Conscious Black Boy in America” and an international massage therapist.  If that isn’t enough, she’s also an avid traveler! Personally, I consider Tai the epitome of today’s “go-getter”  and a true “boss”.  So, it’s with excitement that I share a little bit of what I discovered about her during our interview for this blog regarding her love of travel, juggling motherhood and  her businesses.

From her very first trip to Atlanta, GA, to cruising the beautiful islands in the Bahamas, Tai found her “real love” –  which is traveling.  I wanted to know specifically about Tai’s first travel experience and her discovery of her “real love”, and here’s what she said: “My very first trip was to Atlanta about 10 years ago. My best friend relocated to the ATL and we would take turns trekking to and from celebrating birthdays and family events. A close friend of ours invited us on a cruise to the Bahamas a year later and I fell in love with my scuba instructor (lol). He was ALL kinds of fine! We were only docked at Nassau for one night so he and his best friend took me and my best friend around the entire island. We laughed and danced and partied til port call. He and I exchanged contact info via whatsapp and kept in contact. He owned the excursion company Carnival contracted the events for and flew me out at the end of every month for the next six months until I realized I couldn’t handle a long distance relationship. But through that relationship he introduced me to my real true love: traveling. I’ve been hooked ever since. “

Tai 1

Everyone has that first trip that really sets the tone or creates the yearning for more travel. In Tai’s case, it was her trip to the Bahamas that did it for her! Here’s how she describes her love of the islands of Bahamas: “Bahamian culture was (well still is) so rich and pure. Aside from the tourist attractions,  I fell in love with the minimalistic lifestyle in being happy with the riches of the land; the contentment in family and friends, of music and basic things entitlement robs us of. I ate fruits I had never seen before; tasted beers we could never have in the states. I saw flowers for the first time in person that I grew up seeing as computer screen savers. And the people were so nice! I found myself smiling all of the time-sharing in their love of life with no strings attached. It’s a ‘life high’ that you can only appreciate through experience and exposure.”  After this description of the Bahamas, clearly I should have consulted with Tai first before taking my trips there, I have never tasted fruit  or beer from the Bahamas! But  now I plan to.  How about you?


As I described earlier, Tai is also a mother of a wonderful son. I am a believer in investing in our children and their interests, therefore Tai’s  fascinating story about her son’s excitement when he learned about all 50 states was nothing short of amazing. Tai actually described what happened when her son learned about the 50 states and how he wanted to explore each and every one of them, here’s  specifically what she said: “My son came home one day from school stoked on a life high because he had just found out that there were 50 states… and he wanted to go see them all. I was taken aback because as a single mom all I was processing was how expensive this was starting to sound lol. He went in his room and offered me his piggy bank to get started. If his selfless heart could give me his last as a token to delve into his dreams… then so could I.  (This is discussed  heavily in her best selling novel: #Lunchbox Chronicles: Raising a Conscious Black Boy in America as it tracks their travels and journey across the country. ) It’s one thing to hear about disparities and cultural differences that people are faced with on a daily basis… but to witness them is a totally different story. To envelop your mind around racism first hand, to experience being treated differently because of the color of your skin, to witness modern-day class-ism and mental bondage in 2018 changes you forever. It’s humbling and refreshing all at the same time, and has also created a platform for me to offer my son a more well-rounded pedigree.”  

As you might imagine, giving your child/children these kinds of life experiences certainly creates well-adjusted, educated, and open-minded children.  Tai describes the influence and impact of providing a “traveling education” on her son like this: “My son is more mature than most kids his age. Maybe not even mature mentally as I will say emotionally. He is extremely understanding and compassionate; empathetic to others. He is kind and loving because of what he has been exposed to. The premise of my book delineates the impact simply moving from the suburbs to the inner city has had on him in expanding his mind to how blessed he is. There are things he has experienced that they haven’t even begun to teach him in school yet but when they get to it he is twice as engaged in the conversations because a lot of it he has lived first hand.” 

I agree with Tai,  what she’s exposing her son to at an early age (creating life lessons and permanent memories) can not be taught within four walls. Understandably, everyone’s life isn’t set up in manner where this can be accomplished, however, for those that are interested in pushing through and carving a path similar to Tai’s and that of her son, here’s some helpful guidance offered by Tai on how to pursue balancing travel, business and motherhood: “You fight for what you believe in; you make time for the things that are important to you. What shopping, drinking, or yoga do for some ‘travel’ does for me. It is my happy place. The ability to get lost in other lands isn’t just a luxury but has become a necessity. Nothing else has the same calming, nourishing, replenishing effect on my mental health like travel does. To step off of a plane — passport in hand… take a deep breath with a new adventure on the horizon; a semi empty camera in tow and a half packed suitcase waiting to be filled with souvenirs and memories? I have to make time for it. I make time to be happy. And my happiness revels in the form of travel. I also take pride in that a lot of people who follow my trips are unable to travel whether its due to economic constraints or physical ones. So e-vite them on my journeys and vicariously live for them. When something means THAT much to you, as well as other around you? You make time to make it happen.

The “how”: When my son is in school I try to schedule my trips on Fri-Mon. I’ll wake him before I leave, leave breakfast in the microwave, and preschedule his über to take him to school. I watch the über’s commute as I board my flight, and confirm with the school his attendance before the flight takes off (or have my parents call the school if I’m already in the air). I’ve also had my neighbor take my son to school for me. My parents live so far from us now they can rarely take him. He catches the public bus home and his aunt or his dad will pick him up from the house when he gets settled; he’ll spend the weekend with them until I get back. On trips when I am unable to schedule it around a weekend,  I have someone stay at my home and take care of him while I’m gone whether it’s a family member, a  trusted friend, or his dad has come and stayed in the guest bedroom while I’m gone. As for work and client –  I actually get a lot of last-minute overseas contracts and have to move client appointments around to accommodate them. There are always understanding. And in moments of last minute travel for pleasure— whether a great deal pops up that I want to take advantage of or I’m mentally drained and need to get away, I move commitments around to make it happen. Those that understand the last minute shifts —  Great! And those that don’t? Great. Either way I’m still going.  I would say start locally abroad in places that would heighten the amount of exposure and experiences but minimize the planning and expenses such as the Bahamas, the USVI, Puerto Rico, Guam, Alaska, or Hawaii as none of these places require a passport (that process can take some time, time that could be better spent traveling) — they get to hop on a plane for the first time as well. Rent a car upon arriving at your destination which gives you control over their exposure instead of being stuck at a resort. Use trip advisor and yell to plan out the best landmarks to visit. Use  Groupon or airBnB to book hotels and save a coin or two. And bring your children in on the conversation! Tell them what the travel destination options are and charge them to research each place; write a book report on each place and ask them which one they would like to go to. My son owes me a book report for every state we travel to; that’s my payment in exchange for the trip. Once the children choose the destination, assign them to choose one excursion, event, museum, etc. each day to venture to. It starts teaching them to think for themselves, explore their likes and dislikes, how to plan! So many life lessons that they will use over and over again for the rest of their lives are acquired through travel. Raising a child doesn’t come with a cookie cutter recipe of what to do. If the goal is to raise happy, smart, healthy children, including travel helps you to creatively cultivate all of those ideals, vesseling knowledge and culture all at the same time.” 

I learned a lot from this portion of my interview with Tai. I truly had no idea that the desire for travel could be likened to the desire one has to shop or dine out frequently;  but it makes sense. I also learned how strongly travel is a part of who Tai is and there’s nothing that will change that. She’s strategically designed her life and practices around making a way to travel — that is pure dedication.  I also learned how Tai’s love of travel is woven into her parenting style. She uses the many components of traveling (planning and executing of plans) to create life managment lessons for her son.   Tai has found that “thing” in life that makes her more than happy – so much so that she’s shared this lifestyle with her child.  It’s important for YOU reading this article to discover what it is in life that enables you to feel fulfilled and like you’re living your best life. It may not be travel for you, like it was for Tai — and that’s okay. Just discover what it is, without comparison to the life of another and indeed live your life out loud — just as Tai has managed to successfully do.

Tai Hall is also a successful international massage therapist and a sought after, successful author of the popular:  “#Lunchbox Chronicles: Raising a Conscious Black Boy in America” you can learn more about Ms. Hall and her novel by visiting her website at: