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Andrea Started Her 30s in Jamaica and Loved It!

I have always wanted to visit Jamaica, especially with my friends for the proverbial “girls trip”.  So, I was intrigued when I learned about Andrea (in her early 30s) had opted to take a solo trip to a not so far destination on my bucket list.

She made all of the necessary plans to travel to Montego Bay, Jamaica at the end of January.  How fabulous is that – traveling to a tropical island in the middle of the winter?

Andrea is very in tune with the fact that everyone needs to recharge and refresh and therefore she commits to traveling and least once per year.

Her travel style varies. She enjoys looking “fly” but cute and comfortable — usually bringing at least two dressy outfits for those special occasions.

Andrea is a huge fan of interacting with the locals while traveling and she finds that in doing so she received a complete education about the history of the travel destination.

I asked Andrea why she selected Jamaica and this is what she said: “I have never visited Jamaica but always wanted to. I grew up listening to Bob Marley and I was always curious about the Rastas. I love the culture and the food. It’s never below 70 degrees in Jamaica. The beaches are beautiful. I thought this trip would be the perfect 30th birthday present to myself.”

She fell in love with many things about Jamaica, especially the beach and the mountains. Her time spent on the beach reading and soaking up the sun was a relaxing experience.

One of my personal favorite things about traveling somewhere new is experiencing the local cuisine. On Andrea’s trip, she enjoyed the Ackee and saltfish with a kale salad. Doesn’t that sound delicious?

If Andrea’s experience is making you think of considering Jamaica for your next trip, she recommends that you travel to historical sites.  At the top of this list is the Rose Hall Great House (a 200-year-old mansion that is believed to be haunted by the lady of the house who killed off each of her husbands and slave lovers).  Okay, I’m  seriously visiting this tourist  attraction!

Andrea’s solo journey marked a milestone occasion in her life, and she celebrated in a way that she felt would allow her to transition to this next phase of her life with a peace of mind, in thoughtful reflection while making ambitious plans for her future. Until next time Jamaica…





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