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Debra’s Peace-Seeking Journey to Costa Rica

I can remember very clearly when my friend Debra shared with me that she was traveling to Costa Rica.   I was so excited to learn this because this was one of the destinations I had also considered. My very next question to Debra was, “who are your taking with you?” To which she replied “No one, I’m taking the trip by myself. It would be nice to have a travel companion, but I don’t and I want to go to Costa Rica.” In that moment, I thought about the many occasions I put limitations on my own life because there was no one to share an adventure, occasion or event with. Debra became my “she-ro”. I had gained a new perspective of my friend and a new found respect for any individual who is comfortable and secure enough to enjoy their own company. And make no mistake, this was not your average weekend getaway, this was a two-week, pure luxury, pure tranquil, pure peaceful escape from the daily routine of the typical American way of life.

Wake up. Traffic. Work. Traffic. Repeat.

Debra strives to take at least two trips per year, and yes, this diva also takes her flightsinstilettos!

While in Costa Rica, Debra luxuriated at the El Mangroove, which is a luxurious, all-inclusive resort boasting suites, fine dining and world class views from every room in the resort. Her time was spent relaxing, rejuvenating, reflecting, praying and mentally detaching from life’s usual stressors. Debra returned fully recharged and as vibrant as ever!

In Debra’s spare time, she is an extremely talented interior designer who loves using vivid color palettes and making one of a kind custom floral arrangements.

Enjoy Debra’s pictures from her home away from home – the beautiful Costa Rica.

Costa Rica 12

Costa Rica1

Costa Rica 7

Costa Rica 17

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  1. OMG..!! I’m very much inspired! Great article and beautiful pics!!!

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