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Puerto Vallarta – Hard Rock!

Traveling to Puerto Vallarta to celebrate my 1 year wedding anniversary and a milestone birthday was glorious! We’d wanted to take a DreamTrip for years and now was the time to do it! DreamTrips is an exclusive travel /lifestyle club that I had heard of but largely avoided due to a lack of education on the matter and quite frankly due to lack of seeing myself as a vacationer. My best friend had long joined this club and had traveled the world, well — while I was at work complaining of a lack of fun, enjoyment and adventure in life.  The day came, I finally listened to my best friend and booked this trip. Afterall, an anniversary and a birthday are legit reasons to travel, right? The reservation process was flawless, and traveling to Puerto Vallarta was a breeze.

Due to being a part of the travel club, all that I needed to do was pack and show up at the designated locations and times! After making my own flight arrangements, DreamTrips handled everything else from my ground transportation to lodging and excursions.  The Hard Rock at Puerto Vallarta was fantastic!  The staff and accommodations met my expectations. All that I kept thinking about is that I could not believe that we had paid so little for so much!  Upon our arrival, we were greeted by a DreamTrips representative who made sure that we were clear on our itinerary for the week. Followed that was a wonderful reception with great food and drinks and it was an opportunity for us to connect with other club members vacationing via DreamTrips.  We did a number of fun and relaxing activities at the all-inclusive resort from laying poolside sipping mudslides, to walking on the beach to romantic dinners and even whale watching on the DreamTrip coordinated excursion.  It was a wonderful experience and my best friend (along with her husband) joined us to boot! It’s not a matter of if we’ll take another DreamTrip, it’s when. If you’re interested in more information about the world’s most exclusive travel  and lifestyle club, please visit my website at: . I’d love to see you on the next DreamTrip!Flyer2





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